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About Silk Habotai

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Habotai silk is one of the most basic plain weaves. It is lustrous but less lustrous than silk satin and it is lightweight. Silk habotai is often referred as “China silk” and it is an excellent choice for making lining for garments, sleeping bags etc. And also, our silk habotai is as light and airy as chiffon without being sheer, and is the most popular silk for painting. CARE: Use a mild soap and cool or warm water. Strong alkaline detergents weaken silk. Wash each garment separately as dyes may bleed. Handle silk garments gently. Don't wring or twist the garment because silk is weaker when wet. After thorough rinsing, roll the item in a clean bath towel to remove excess moisture. Don't use presoak products or chlorine bleach both will damage silk. Air dry the garment away from sunlight until damp dry. Use a padded or plastic hanger to distribute the weight of the wet garment.

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