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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Fabric Shirts (two)

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The shirt is a kind of clothing that men, women and children like. Common shirts are mainly cotton shirts, chemical fiber blouse, linen shirts, blended blouses, silk shirts and other fabrics. The  most comfortable is cotton and linen blouse, but they are particularly easy to wrinkle. Last article, we have talked about cotton shirts, blended fabric shirts and chemical fabric blouse. Today we will learn real silk shirts, cotton-linen shirts and wool shirts.


1. Cotton and linen shirts

Composition: 70% cotton + 30% linen

Cotton and linen fabric shirt features: inherits the advantages of hemp and has the characteristics of cotton, it is softer than hemp, feels better and absorbs moisture and perspiration stronger.


Advantages: As the fabric is more elastic and abrasion resistant in both wet and dry conditions. The size is stable and the shrinkage rate is small. Which has the characteristics of upright, easy to wash, fast drying. it is woven with all natural fibers, which is comfortable and soft to wear, sweat-absorbent, low-carbon environmental protection, in line with the current international textile and clothing trend. Therefore, it’s very suitable for clothing and home textile fabrics.


Disadvantages: Easy to wrinkle, deform, stain or discolor.

Generally speaking, the cotton-linen blouses are very cool and comfortable in summer.


2. Wool shirts

a. Cashmere shirt

According to national standards, the standard of pure cashmere fabric wool shirts is that the cashmere content is more than 95%, the cashmere fabric wool blouse has a cashmere content of more than 30%, and the cashmere content is less than 30%. The characteristic of the cashmere fabric is that it is warm to hold in the hand and the cashmere is very light.


b. Wool shirts     

If the shirt is 100% wool, it’s soft and elastic. The shirt will be with a pure color and a natural soft shine. The fine textile shirts are mostly thin and medium-sized, with a smooth surface, delicate texture, clear grain and good drape. Rough textile blouses are mostly medium and thick, with a rich tweed that is either fluffy or dense in texture and warm to the touch. The pure wool fabric blouse is basically wrinkle-free after being held tightly by hand.


c. Cashmere wool shirts

One of the characteristics of wool and cashmere fabric blouse is blended yarn.

The wool cashmere blend fabric features two: flat needle structure also known as weft flat structure and single-sided structure. Knitting needle arrangement: Full needles knit flat knitted fabric on a single needle bed. The fabric has a large lateral extension and is curly-edged, and it is easy to fall off after the loop is broken.

 silk blouse

3. Silk shirts 

a. Composition: Pure mulberry white silk woven fabric

The silk blouse is comfortable and delicate, and its material fits the curve, so it can easily show a high-end fashion sense.


b. Styles of real silk shirts

A: Basic style

The most basic front buckle and lapel style silk shirt, the style is nothing special, but the gloss of silk flowing with the body curve can not be brought by other materials.


B: Wrapped style

The wrap-around silk shirt can defeat any V-neck silk dress.


C: Round neck section

The round neck style silk blouse is more gentle, and it is actually as good as a T-shirt to easily match the trousers.

D: Pajamas style 

Sleeveless silk shirts are more suitable for summer, but you have to put some effort into the style, because a wrong silk shirt will make you look older.


Silk fabric shirt is recognized as the most luxurious shirt in the world, and it exudes a beautiful shine. High-weight silk fabrics have always been the top luxury shirts. Comfortable, shiny, light and thin, but the silk fabric is tedious to care and maintenance.


Silk shirts are actually particularly good to pair with, whether it's a basic style or not, they can make you more high-end and fashion.

Please pay attention to the label when purchasing the shirt, and please read it clearly before buying.

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