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Characteristics of Various Scarf Fabrics

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Characteristics of Various Scarf Fabrics

The fabrics of scarves can be roughly divided into thin and thick fabrics. The thin fabrics are mainly silk, the thick fabrics are mainly wool, and there are some medium-thick models in between, mainly cotton and linen. The polyester fiber in the artificial fiber is mostly the feel of imitation silk, and the acrylic fiber is mostly the feel of wool. Rayon, which is recycled fiber, are mostly made into thin styles. Of course, there are many blended materials, with the advantages of multiple materials to make a variety of beautiful scarves.


Silk Scarf

The main raw material of silk scarves is silk, but due to the different textile methods, the texture is also very different. There are 100 percent silk scarves and blended silk scarves. And the color of the silk scarves is varied, there are red silk scarves, orange silk scarves, yellow silk scarves and lavender silk scarves. The most common silk scarves are as follows.


1) Twill Silk Scarf

This is a very strong silk fabric, which is not easy to deform and is less likely to hook yarn. The fabric is divided into several grades from thick to thin. The famous Hermès cashmere silk scarf is this fabric. The advantage of the thick twill weave is strong, but there are also disadvantages, that is, the thicker the harder. When knotting, it is not easy to produce a natural drape. Therefore, it is sometimes easier to choose a thinner fabric.


2) Paj Silk Scarves

This type of silk is mostly thin, but it remains opaque, feels smoother, and has a brighter gloss than twill weaves. Many scarves are made of such materials. The scarves of these scarves are thin and sag.


3) Chiffon Silk Scarf

This is a very thin and light fabric with a smooth surface that is translucent. Georgette is similar to it. The only difference is that the georgette surface is rougher and has obvious yarn holes. The chiffon feels more delicate and looks more advanced, but the common characteristics of the scarves made of these two fabrics are elegant and beautiful.


4) Organza Silk Scarf

This refers to particularly thin yarn-like silk fabrics, and delicate organ root yarn, court yarn and cicada wing yarn are all of this type of material. Their characteristics are fluffy and stiff, translucent, light and looks particularly dreamy. The thicker one is still slightly transparent, it looks stiff and stylish, and it also depends on skillful display to fully exert its characteristics.


2. Wool Scarf

Wool products have always been the main material for large shawls and thick scarves due to their warmth characteristics, and wool products account for a high proportion. And there are wool silk scarves and cashmere silk scarves. The following are various wool products from different animals.

 winter scarf for women


Made from sheep's wool, it is the most common kind of wool. Its characteristic is to keep warm and comfortable, not easy to get static electricity. There are two types of wool scarf products. One is to make wool first, and then knit the wool into a scarf, and the other is to woven into wool fabric, which is then used to make a scarf.



The word comes from the Indian place name Kashmir. It first refers to the cashmere produced in the place. The wool craftsmen here have world-class craftsmanship and can produce the finest cashmere. There are two layers of hair on the goat, the bottom layer is soft and delicate fluff, the outer layer is thick, and the cashmere is the bottom layer. The texture is soft and light, with a good sense of gloss and smoothness.


3. Cotton Scarf

Cotton scarves are not always mainstream fabrics. Scarves made of cotton are used, and most of them are more casual styles. Some are printed and dyed with ordinary cotton cloth to make shawls, while others are made of cotton fabrics similar to T-shirt fabrics to make more casual scarves. These casual scarves have recently been designed to be bold, with different materials stitching, colorful, and very popular with young people.


4. Recycled Fiber Scarf

In this article, we will not discuss the manufacturing process of such fibers, but they are all fibers produced from natural plants and then processed by chemical methods. Among them, the rayon is the oldest and most widely used recycled fibers, which are characterized by smoothness and comfort, and excellent drape. The new generation of regenerated fibers including Modal, Tencel and Lessel are well known.


5. Blended Scarf

The purpose of blending is to absorb the advantages of various fibers. For example, if you want to increase the sag, you can add regenerated fibers. If you want more elasticity, you can add elastic fibers. If you want to increase the gloss, you can add silk. If you want to increase the warmth, you can add wool. If you want to increase the matte texture and feel, add hemp. If you want to maintain the non-shrinkable and wrinkle-free characteristics, add chemical fiber. Blended fibers are very popular in Europe and the United States, and the percentages of the various ingredients marked are also clearly written.


Most scarves on the market are the above five materials, you can choose the most suitable scarf according to your needs.

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