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Do You Know the History of Silk?(Part Two)

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Through the previous articles, we learned about the development of silk from the Neolithic Age to the Wei and Jin Dynasties. Now we look at the difficulties and development of silk development after the Wei and Jin Dynasties. 

Sui and Tang Dynasties

The Sui and Tang Dynasties were the peak of the development of Chinese feudal society. In general, the country was strong, the economy was developed, and the business was prosperous. The silk industry has also developed at the height of this society.

The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of silk production, and its output, quality and variety reached an unprecedented level. At the same time, the foreign trade of silk has also been greatly developed. Not only has the passage of the "Silk Road" increased to three, but the frequency of trade has also increased at an unprecedented rate. Silk production and trade have made tremendous contributions to the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Silk products are exported to the Korean Peninsula, Japan and Southeast Asia, India and even by Arab merchants to Europe through the East China Sea Line and the South China Sea Line. 

Song Dynasty

During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, with the advancement of sericulture technology, Chinese silk had a short period of glory. Not only the variety of silk color has increased significantly, especially the emergence of three distinctive new varieties of Song Jin, silk and gold fabrics, but also made a great breakthrough in the summary and promotion of sericulture production technology.

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In terms of foreign trade, due to the blockage of the Silk Road on the land, the maritime silk trade has developed rapidly. China's raw silk and silk are exported to the rest of the world through the Maritime Silk Road. 

Yuan Dynasty

The economic policies of the Yuan Dynasty have been adjusted, and the government has paid attention to protecting productivity and means of production. The official government has supervised and urged agricultural production; the first officially compiled agricultural book Nong Sang Collection was also issued nationwide, promoting advanced production techniques; encouraging wasteland, implementing polders, and achieving faster recovery of agricultural production and social economy. development of. The cultural situation of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and the unification of the unification has promoted the improvement of the level of silk technology. The division of labor in silk production is meticulous and the weaving technology is improved.

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Ming Dynasty

Due to the germination and development of capitalism in the Ming Dynasty, the production and trade of silk have also undergone major changes: the commercialization trend of silk production is becoming more and more obvious, and the overseas trade of silk is developing rapidly. The southern part of the Jiangnan Lake has become the most important silk producing area, and a number of typical silk professional towns have been developed. The official weaving is becoming more and more mature. At this time, Chinese silk has developed into the most active period. The restoration of agriculture, handicrafts and commerce has promoted the progress and development of silkworm silk production technology. After the middle period of the Ming Dynasty, the silk industry and commerce in the Jiangnan region gained great prosperity. 

Qing Dynasty

In the early Qing Dynasty, the silk industry suffered heavy losses in the war. Emperor Kangxi adopted the encouragement measures, silk production has achieved rapid development, and further concentrated in the region of the Taihu Lake region and the Pearl River Delta, especially the Jiangnan region has become the center of the national silk industry in terms of scale and level. The production scale of the folk silk weaving industry in the Qing Dynasty has expanded, and the professional division of labor and regional division of labor have become more apparent. A number of prosperous silk professional towns have emerged, with a wide variety of products and a prosperous domestic market. 

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