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Four Factors that Affect the Comfort of Apparel Fabrics

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It is not general to say what fabrics are comfortable to wear. The comfort of the apparel fabric is mainly determined by the following factors.

1. Moisture Permeability and Breathability

No matter in which season, it is very uncomfortable to wear a piece of airtight and impervious clothes. Because the air-impermeable and moisture-impervious fabric can not make the sweat discharged from the human body, which will not only make you feel stuffy, but also cause skin diseases such as eczema. In this respect, natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool are definitely superior to polyester, acrylic, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics, and natural fabrics will also be better than regenerated fibers such as Tencel, ice silk, acetate, and copper ammonia.

2. Windproof and Warmth 

Windproof and warmth are the most basic requirements for clothing, especially in the cold winter conditions, warm clothes will make people feel particularly comfortable. The warmth of the garment is mainly determined by the amount of still air that can be fixed around the fabric. The more the stationary air is fixed, the warmer the fabric is. Among the natural fabrics, cashmere and alpaca are the best because of the hollow and light fiber, which can absorb the air around, so the warmth is the best. The warmth of wool is second only to cashmere and alpaca. Mohair and merino wool have the best performance, and domestic wool is relatively poor. In addition, the windproof and warmth of fur garments are also very good, among which the mink fur is the best, the fox fur, rabbit fur and wool are relatively poor.

3. Skin-friendly

No matter which kind of fabrics, if it is very stinging on the bod, you will feel definitely uncomfortable. From the perspective of skin-friendly, silk clothing is definitely the best. Real silk is not only soft and smooth, but also rich in amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. The skin-friendly properties of cashmere and alpaca are also very good, both of them are very soft and do no irritation to the skin. The alpaca hair does not contain oil, and generally does not stain, which is more conducive to the health of the human body. It can be said that cashmere or alpaca hair is the first choice for winter sweaters. Next is cotton and some artificial recycled fiber, which mainly refers to Modal, Tencel, copper ammonia, acetate fabric, viscose fiber, etc. These fabrics are man-made fibers, but compared with chemical fiber, the skin-friendly performance is pretty good. 

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4. Cool Feeling 

Summer clothing focuses on the coolness of the fabric. In natural fabrics, the coolness of hemp is the best. Hemp is not only very hygroscopic, but also has very good moisture permeability, and it can be dry very quickly. Because of the fast drying, the evaporation of water will absorb heat from the human body, making people feel cool on hot summer days. Silk fabric is second only to hemp, it is also very breathable. In addition, the moisture content of recycled fibers such as viscose fiber is also very suitable for the needs of the human body, so the cooling feeling is also good. Of course, the cool feeling of the garment also depends on the permeability and design structure of the fabric. The more transparent the fabric, the more fiber holes, the smaller the textile density, the cooler it is. The bigger the cuffs and hem are, the more air stream can be produced, and the human body will feel cooler.

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