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How Many Shirts Do You Have?

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How Many Shirts Do You Have?

Shirt is a type of top that can be worn between the inner and outer jackets or can be worn separately. Meaning in the business dictionary of the shirt: shirt, a top with a front placket and sleeves with buttoned cuffs, often worn close to the body.


The Origin of Shirts

The earliest shirts appeared in China's Zhou Dynasty, called middle garments, and later called middle single. It was called close-fitting shirt in han dynasty. In the 16th century BC, the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt had shirts, which were collarless, sleeveless tunics. The shirt worn by the Normans in the 14th century had a collar and sleeves. In the 16th century, it was prevalent in Europe to embroider the shirt collar and chest, or to decorate the neckline, cuffs, and chest lace. At the end of the 18th century, the British wore hard turtleneck shirts. During the Victorian era, high-necked shirts were eliminated, forming modern stand-up lapel western-style shirts. In the 1840s, Western-style shirts were introduced to China. Most shirts were originally worn by men, but were gradually adopted by women in the 1950s, and have become one of the most common clothing.


Classifications of shirts


1. Divided into styles

. British shirt

The British shirt is the style we are most familiar with. Most of the shirts today are born in the British style, but because of the influence of the American cultural, the shirt styles on the market are more American styles, such as larger sleeve fatness and loose clothing, so it is difficult to tell the real British shirt. British shirts are formal shirts in terms of style.


. American shirt

The characteristics of American shirts are the same as American suits. They are looser, have fat sleeves, and do not pay attention to tailoring to fit the body curve. The collar of a standard American shirt has a collar buckle, which is used to fasten the collar at the center of the vision. The style of American shirts is strictly not a formal shirt, but more suitable for casual vacation or home shirts.


. French shirts

French shirts are recognized as the most elegant and noble shirts, known for their beautiful folded sleeves and cuff links, which are mainly used to match formal occasions.


. Italian shirt

The Italian shirt belongs to the more aristocratic and romantic temperament in the traditional European style. It is mainly used for matching formal wear and which is one of the typical gentleman formal shirts. Italian shirts, although their unique Milan sleeves are not as common as French cuff sleeves, but because of their long history in the formal wear, they have become the recognized formal shirts together with French shirts.

 silk blouse for women

Divided into applicable places

It simply can be divided into: formal shirts, casual shirts, business casual shirts, home shirts, holiday shirts.

Formal shirts are used for dresses or suits. Casual shirts are used in informal suits. Home shirts are used for informal suits, such as matching sweaters and casual pants for home and walking, and holiday shirts are dedicated to travel and vacation.


Divided into material

According to the material, shirts can be divided into combed cotton shirts, silk shirts, double-crepe shirts, polyester-cotton shirts, etc. They are ideal to be light, thin, soft, cool, straight, and breathable. Because hot melt adhesive materials are commonly used for shirt collar linings, avoid soaking in warm water above 60 ℃ during washing.

Before, the material of shirts used to be white poplin, but now more shirts made of silk, yarn and various chemical fibers. There are stand-up collars, large lapels, and small lapels. Women's silk shirts also have round necks or bald collars. Generally speaking, short sleeves silk shirts are mostly bald collars and round necks, while long sleeves are mostly small lapels.


How to purchase a suitable shirt?


Choose the shirt and pay attention to six "look":

. Look at the brand

Such as banana republic silk shirt, women versace silk shirts

. Look at the texture

Such as cotton women shirts, navy blue silk shirts

. Look at the neckline

Such as lineup neckline, flat neckline

. Look at the cuffs

Such as long sleeve shirts, short sleeves shirts

. Look at the workmanship

Good workmanship or crude manufacturing.

. Look at the style

Such as the vintage shirts, everlane silk square shirts

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