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How to Choose And Maintain Silk Scarves?

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Scarves were only used to protect against the cold a long time ago. Later, as the material of this cloth continued to change, it became a popular accessory for women today. There are many types and materials of scarves, so how do we choose scarves? How to maintain the silk scarf?

How to choose a scarf ?

1. Choose colors carefully

Although the color design of some silk scarves is impeccable, there are still subtle differences between the colors that everyone loves and suits. In this case, compare the various colors, and then look in the mirror from a distance to confirm the fit with the body shape and the overall atmosphere of the clothing. Back effects and side effects cannot be ignored. After that, the silk scarf is knotted into the shape commonly used and then tried on, so that you can know the style and effect of this pattern. 

2.Identify the quality from the fabric

Good fabrics are the first element of the quality of silk scarves. In addition to carefully selecting the fabric, the sewing of the scarf edge is hand-selected. The printing color must also be uniform. Generally speaking, the amount of silk scarves can sometimes be used as a measure of good quality. The richer the color of the silk scarf, the higher the cost of printing and dyeing, and the better the quality. 

3. Select by body characteristics

It is best to match your own body characteristics and try to use silk scarves to show the advantages. For example: people with longer necks are better suited to tie scarves; people with shorter necks are advised to choose thinner fabrics. In addition, the effect of the scarf is proportional to the figure. 

4. Pay attention to any special designs

Specially designed silk scarves usually need a special style to show the designer's ingenuity and creativity. When choosing a silk scarf, you must pay attention to the special design of the scarf's printing and pattern, and you must try to tie it yourself. For example: a silk scarf with a symmetrical pattern design must use a special method to make the symmetrical pattern appear; 

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5.The material of the silk scarf should conform to personal style

If your dress reveals elegance and noble temperament in conservative, then silk scarves will be your best choice; and transparent gauze scarf is suitable for romantic shapes. When wearing casual clothes, choose a comfortable and soft cotton and linen scarf! 

Scarf washing and maintenance tips

1. Hand wash below 30 degrees when washing. It is not suitable to wash with alkaline detergent and soap. After washing, choose a ventilated place to cool and dry, avoiding damage to the feel and color of the silk fabric.

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2. Wash the silk scarves immediately after sweating; the ironing temperature should be 100 ° C. It is best to pad with lining and iron on the reverse side.

3. Utilize the hanger of the suit pants, fold the silk scarf into a ready-to-use state and hang it, and fix it with a clip, which is very convenient to use. 

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