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How to Choose Scarf in Different Seasons?

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Silk scarves are items that women wear around their necks. They are used to match clothing and play a decorative role. At the same time, they have become essential clothing accessories for women. Do you know how to choose a suitable scarf based on the season?

Spring --- silk

In the spring, all things rejuvenating and are full of vitality, silk can be the best prop to match its natural and romantic temperament. Silk is the most commonly used material for making scarves. The silk scarf made from this material not only has a charming luster, but also has natural wrinkles, which looks natural and beautiful. Wearing such a silk scarf is more appropriate for formal occasions. The graceful silk scarf hung on the chest, is stable and beautiful. 

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The natural fiber of silk saves you the trouble of static electricity in the dry and windy spring, and has good thermal insulation and elasticity. In addition, its soft care makes it unpretentious in shaping various shapes, I believe it will definitely be your preference. Although this kind of silk scarf can also be cleaned by yourself at home, if you love silk scarf, it is best to send it to a professional laundry for washing. In addition, when storing, do not forget the characteristics of silk scarves that are easily gnawed by insects. Be sure to put insect repellent. 

Summer --- hemp

Hemp scarves can easily be worn with any summer wear. If you work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, a linen scarf is more like a "fashion bodyguard" to you, which is both beautiful and resistant to neck and shoulder injuries from air conditioning. The linen scarf can be folded casually and naturally, which better reflects the romantic nobility of the wearer. 

Autumn --- cotton

In the cool breeze of autumn, cotton scarves are the most intimate and comfortable choice. Cotton scarves can help you resist the autumn wind, and its light fabric will not hide your charm under the thick material. Therefore, whether it is going out to play or get together with friends, a cotton scarf is a good choice for you. It should be noted that cotton scarves dyed with herbal dyes will fade during washing, so do not wash them with other clothes to avoid being dyed. 

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How to be beautiful in the cold winter? The Pashmina scarf is the first choice. It has eight times the warmth of an ordinary wool scarf. Pashmina is the thinnest, softest and warmest wool in the world. Pashmina shawls are light and elegant, and easy to carry. They are the most expensive fashion bodyguards.

The noble Pashmina scarf should be kept clean when wearing it. You can use a soft-bristle electrostatic brush to gently brush in the direction of the hair to remove the dust, prevent the worms from latent, and make the plush lie down. Take care to prevent shading during storage. 

Do you know how to choose silk scarves in different seasons? Welcome to visit our website to select various silk products. If you have any questions, please contact our sales consultants in time.

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