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How to Identify and Distinguish Real Silk?

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Real silk fabrics are very good textile materials, and silk goods are favored by many people such as silk clothing, silk pillowcase, silk pajamas, silk eye mask and so on. It's not only cool and dry, but also very classy. But now there are many silk-like products on the market. So how to identify real silk fabrics?

The Identification Methods of Silk

1. Product Number Identification

China's satin is differentiated by a product number consisting of five Arabic numerals. The first digit represents the material number of the fabric. The full silk fabric (including mulberry silk and spun silk) is "1", the chemical fiber fabric is "2", the blended fabric is "3", the tussah silk fabric is "4", and the artificial silk fabric is "5". 

2. Glossy Feeling

The sample is spread out evenly to see its appearance. The real silk has the property of absorb light, so it looks smooth. The higher purity, the greater density of silk feel better. Silk-like fabric is softer, but the silk surface is dark. The chemical fiber fabric is bright and glaring, but the silk surface is stiff. In addition, silk products should have a slight sense of scraping, rubbing the two layers of fabric will produce a sound, while other raw materials of the fabric do not. 

silk fabric

3. Combustion Method

Draw out part of the yarn to burn. Real silk can not see the light fire, there is the smell of burning hair, silk grey into black particles, and it can be crushed by hand. If there is a plastic taste and the edge will leave a hard rubber block after the fire extinguished, it is silk-like fabric. 

4. Disinfectant Method

Use 84 disinfectant for dissolution test. If it is real silk, put it into 84 disinfectant. After three or five minutes, the silk will gradually dissolve and disappear by the disinfectant. 

5. Strength Identification

In terms of fiber strength, the better the strength and elongation of silk, the better its quality. With the same length of silkworm thread, the longer the stretched silk, the better the quality. Generally good mulberry silk can be drawn to more than 100 centimeters.

silk fabric

The Method of Distinguishing Silk

1. The shrinkage rate of real silk is high. It is advisable to purchase the finished product to choose a larger size than the actual demand. If you choose silk fabric, the cloth should be immersed in clear water for more than 5 hours before making, so that the cloth absorbs water completely and dries, then soaks for the second time, so that after immersions and drying, the silk will not deform and can be washed at will. However, if you choose high-grade silk fabric, it is best to take dry cleaning, so that the cloth does not need to be soaked in advance to make silk clothing. Real silk has soft luster and soft feel. It can produce special sound by rubbing each other. If it is held tightly by hand and released, the wrinkles are few and not obvious. Silk has the same dry and wet elasticity. 

2. Artificial silk has bright luster and a slightly rough feel. After holding it tightly by hand, it will release with more wrinkles. After flattening, it will still have wrinkles. Artificial silk stretch and break easily. Elasticity is different when it is wet and dry. 

3. Polyester silk has strong reflective property, high rigidity, quick rebound, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong and not easy to break. 

The above identification methods are expected to be helpful to you.

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