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How to Maintain Bedding?

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Using a set of beautiful bedclothes in the room makes the whole bedroom warm, and it can also bring people beautiful mood and healthy sleeping environment. However, if there is no good maintenance habit and method, it will cause a lot of trouble and affect the service life of bedclothes. For the maintenance of bedding knowledge, many people may still have a little knowledge, the following to introduce to you how to maintain bedding? 


1. The pillowcases and sheets of the bedding are often cleaned It's easy to bring the dust and bacteria outside to the bed products when lying on them after a day's fatigue. Especially pillows, when it's cold, few people wash their hair every day. As a result, the pillow is dirty. It is necessary to wash frequently, which can not only remove the dirt and bacteria, but also maintain the life and comfort of the bed products.

2. For the autumn and winter seasons, bedding is not often washed. Be sure to keep the four-piece bedding set clean and tidy, and don't throw your clothes on the bed at will. It is best to go to bed after washing every day. If you have pets, do not let the pets run to them. You can wear a hat at night without shampooing.

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3. Often change the direction of the quilt or bed sheet. Generally speaking, our sleeping posture is relatively fixed, which easily leads to the compression of the bed products and the local fold or fading of the bed products. Swap them every three months or so. If it's two-sided, it can be used in reverse to make the bed products use evenly.

4. Dampness is a great hindrance to bedding, especially for textile products. Therefore, keeping the bedding dry is an important part to ensure its life and comfort. When you don't sleep, you can often open the window to ventilate. 

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1. Do not expose the bed products to the sun when cleaning. Everyone knows the principle of expansion and contraction. Exposure to sunlight for too long can easily cause the quilt to swell. If it is silk and exposed to the sun for a long time, it will deteriorate and break. It is the same as other wool and down. Just leave it in a well-ventilated place for a few hours.

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2. It is better to take out the filled items when drying, so that the fast drying effect is also good. For some of the more expensive can be covered with a layer of tulle, which can protect from high temperature damage.

3. Many people like to pat hard when they are drying. In the past, the reason why they did this was that most quilts were made of cotton, not so many expensive fabrics. Now bed product four piece set is better than the past, it is easy to break the cotton fibers by hard beating, especially silk pillowcases, silk bedclothes. Fold well after drying, and keep the layers as natural as possible. 

The above is the method of bedding maintenance. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the bedding can extend the life of the bedding and maintain the beautiful appearance.

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