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How to Match Head Band?

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The hair band is used to fix the hair and play a decorative role. There is no fixed range of materials, so there are silk hair bands, lace head bands,  colored cloth hair bands, satin head bands, etc. There are no restrictions on the length and width. When matching, it mainly depends on personal face shape, aesthetics and preferences. The hair band reveals the beautiful outline of the face, making the face and facial features neat and fashionable.

1. Material Types of Hair bands

Woman head bands have wide types and narrow types. There are many choices of styles, including silk, cotton, leather, and imported resin, each has its own characteristics. But the overall style is required to be long, wide, elegant and fashionable. There are also some simple hair bands, which has just two narrow ropes made of cotton and linen, and only a few small bows at the top of the head as decorations.

A. Imported resin: expensive but very gorgeous

B. Cotton and linen: good texture

C. Leather: well-formed and quality-conscious

D Silk: fashionable and bright colors

  floral head band

2. How to Match

1) If the color of the clothing is more flowery, the hair band should not choose another color. If the color of the clothing is relatively simple and elegant, you can choose a jumper color, such as a floral head band, of course, it is best to have a response with other accessories, such as belt or bags or shoes.


2) The color of the knot head band is usually best related to the clothing. If there is a pattern of clothing, it can be matched with a single color hair band. For example, monochrome clothing can also be equipped with a patterned hair band containing such a color.


3) If you want to be quiet and elegant, the hair band should be the same color as the clothing. For example, if the clothing is goose yellow, the hair band should be brown. If you want to show enthusiasm, you should use contrasting colors, such as a navy blue skirt with bright red hair band custom.


4) If your skin color is dark, and the milky white and pink hair bands will look charming. If your skin color is fair, wearing brown or blue hair bands will look dignified and elegant.


hair band custom

The hair band is the same, while others wear it beautifully, you wear it grotesquely. In fact, although hair accessories look good, if it is not suitable for the face, it will not look good.

A. Oval Face

The oval face is a standard face shape, and the choice of hair accessories is relatively wide. It can be matched with any style of hair band. As for the pattern, it should be selected according to the overall shape. There are no restrictions on the thickness of hair bands.


B. Round Face

The round-faced girl does not have as many choices as the oval face. First of all, reject the style that is too big and too wide. The width is most suitable for 1-2 cm. The most suitable position to wear the head band women is above the head. It is recommended to tie a bow, which will not only elongate your face, but also make it more three-dimensional.


C. Long Face

The best position for a long-faced girl to wear a hair band is 1/3 of the distance from the top of the head. Putting it in the middle of the top of the head will only make the face longer.


D. Square Face

If you have a square face, it is best not to use hair bands. If you want to use it, you need to leave some hair in front, so that it can modify the face.

No matter what kind of custom logo head bands you wear, you need to leave some hair in front, which makes you look natural. 

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