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How to Match Silk Skirt?

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Silk skirts refer to all individual skirt styles worn underneath, including silk long skirts, silk mini skirts, silk pencil skirts, silk A-line skirts, etc. The first impression of the skirt is the narrow skirt of the OL suit. Silk skirts are very versatile, and you can wear different styles by choosing different clothes. The silk skirt can not only satisfy the intellectual and elegant style of the workplace, but also meet the sweet and cute style of your date, showing your own wonderful dress.

 93 grey silk skirt

Silk Red Short Skirt + T-shirt


We often see that older people like to choose red, and the older they are, the more beautiful colors they are, but you must not think that red is the exclusive of the elderly, but because young people like to dress up more mature because of their work, and forget the bright colors are our true companions. The red silk skirt and the big apple T-shirt seem to be back to the school days.


Blue silk skirt + T-shirt + Pointed shoes


This blue color is very popular this year. It looks very advanced and beautiful. Choosing a summer blue silk skirt with a T-shirt, it will be so beautiful and elegant, and it is also very popular this year.


Silk Wrap Skirt + T-shirt


The silk wrap skirt is actually a mature skirt because it can easily show women's mature S shape, but if you wear a casual T-shirt with a pink letter pattern, then put on a sunscreen's thin blouse, it is easy for you to immediately highlight the university's vitality.


White Printed Silk Skirt + White French Puff Sleeve Shirt


White is the purest color and the most suitable color for summer. The white shirt has an elastic design behind it, matching the waist and the slightly spread hem, with a touch of French romantic elegance. For the lower body, I choose a white silk skirt. The flowing fabric matches the white shirt, which is arguably my favorite one.

 93 black silk skirts

Blue and White Silk Skirt


The refreshing and pleasant blue and white stripe navy silk skirt with hip-hip design allows the wearer to show a proud figure, and the horizontal stripe visual effect makes the hips plumper. Don't be afraid to increase your age. In fact, cute T-shirts can be take you back immediately two years ago!

 93 silk long skirts

Grey Silk Skirt + Candy-colored Top

If you have a grey silk skirt, remember to pair it with a candy-colored top to carry through our age reduction plan. Go with the fashion belt, and take to the streets with a young mood.


Bright silk skirts are especially popular this year. It will be very special with some dark blouses and bags, and it will make the casual items instantly feminine. There are also many colors of silk skirts. In addition to the above, there are black silk skirts, yellow silk skirts, purple silk skirts, etc. There is always a color you like.

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