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How to Match a Silk Scarf?

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Silk scarves, as the name implies, are scarves made from mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, and cassava silk. They are expensive fashion accessories and high-end gifts for relatives and friends. Which is expensive so we have to know some knowledge about it.

How to identify the silk scarf?

The scarves on the market are always diverse, and the quality is uneven, so most people have no idea of what to buy since there are so many sorts to choose from. How can we quickly distinguish real silk scarves?


1. Article Number Recognition

Chinese-made satin implements a unified product number composed of 5 Arabic numerals. The first digit of the 5 digits represents the material number of the fabric. The full silk fabric (including mulberry silk and spun silk) is "1". Chemical fabric "2". Blended fabric "3" . Tussah silk fabric "4", Rayon fabric "5". It is understood that there are no silk fabrics in the imported satin on the market, such as georgette, soft-beads, etc. These are chemical fiber fabrics, so there is no unified product number for imported satin.


2. Price identification

. Look at the gloss of scarf

Flatten the scarf and observe its gloss. Real silk has light-absorbing properties. It looks soft and pearly. While the imitated silk surface is dark and shiny like metal.


. Touch the scarf

The real silk fabric feels soft and elastic, and the hand feeling of it is cool. The real silk thread is dense, and there will be wrinkles in the hand. The imitated silk feels relatively rough and has no wet or cold feeling.


3. Burning the scarf

Take out part of the yarn and burn it, if the burning silk doesn’t produce open flame and has the smell of burning hair, it means that there is protein fiber, incineration of the silk into black particles can be crushed by hand. The imitated silk will catch fire and have a plastic smell, the flame will go out and hard rubber will be left behind.


The famous brands and types of real silk scarves include Torch Burch silk scarf, Gucci silk head scarf, Givenchy silk scarf, Kate spade vintage silk scarf, Tiffany silk scarf etc..

 real silk square scarf

How to wash and maintain the real silk scarf?

1. Washing method of real silk scarf

Normally use 30℃ water and neutral soap solution (preferably shampoo) after dissolving and then put the scarf in, gently pick it with your hands, you can't rub it with strong force, and you can't wash it with a washing machine. After washing, rinse with clean water to remove soap. The shrinkage rate of silk is high. It is better to buy the larger size than the actual demand.

2. Maintenance method of real silk scarf

Don’t sprinkle deodorant or perfume or camphor pills on real silk scarves. Because these are chemical products, it is easy to damage the silk fabric, especially white silk. If they touch these, the surface of the real silk fabric scarf will easily turn yellow.

Real silk scarves can be hung on a hanger or neatly stacked together during storage. It is best not to be pressed by heavy objects during storage.

How to match a silk scarf?

Real silk scarves are more expensive fashion apparel products. The matching of silk scarves is a great test of ladies’ level of wear. If you wear it well, it can add a finishing touch. If you don't wear it well, it will be a failure! How can the real silk scarves be matched to show their temperament ?

Real silk scarves pay special attention to color matching.

1. Real silk scarves with printed patterns must have a color that is the same as or similar to the clothes, so as to achieve a harmonious and uniform matching effect.

2. If it is a colored or patterned silk scarf, it should be paired with plain clothes, otherwise it should be paired with patterned clothes.

3. Dark clothes are suitable for matching with silk scarves of similar or light colors.

4. When matching with neutral-colored clothes, silk scarves should use bright colors, so as to strengthen the facial profile and give people a sense of beauty.

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