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How to Select the Textile and fabric of Bedclothes

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If you have some troubles for selecting the right textile and texture for your bedclothes especially silk beddings, I think this article is perfect for you. 

The Textile Selection for Bedclothes 

From the perspective of environmental design, home textile products such as silk used in the living environment are the highlight of the overall comfort. We must consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function, and pay attention to the unity of the local decoration and the overall style of the home environment. 

From the perspective of health care, research shows that one third of human life is in a state of sleep. Whether the human body can get enough rest in sleep largely determines the health of the body. Advocate the health and environmental protection of household products, and develop a series of health care products, such as cotton and hemp series, chrysanthemum pillow, silk pillow, latex pillow, silk eye mask, etc. 

The fabric Selection for Bedclothes

1. Polyester and cotton brand products generally use 65% polyester, 35% cotton ratio of polyester and cotton fabrics, polyester and cotton are divided into plain and twill. Plain polyester cotton cloth has thin and thin surface, good strength and wear resistance, very small shrinkage, and the product is not easy to be out of shape, affordable and durable, but its comfortable fit is not as good as pure silk. In addition, polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester and cotton fabrics are mostly light, light tone, more suitable for use in spring and summer. Twill polyester cotton is usually denser than plain, so it appears dense and thick compared to silk, with better surface luster and hand feel than plain. 

Bed clothes

2. Yarn dyed pure cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, which is made of warp and weft yarns of different colors. Because of dyeing before weaving, dye permeability is strong, color fastness is good, and the three-dimensional sense of different yarn fabric is strong, the style is unique, and the bed clothes are mostly in stripe pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually has a larger shrinkage compared to real silk. 

3. Silk fabric is gorgeous and rich in appearance, with natural soft light and flickering effect. It feels comfortable and has high strength. The elasticity of real silk is better than cotton, but it is easy to get dirty, and its heat resistance to strong sunlight is worse than cotton. Its fiber cross section is a unique triangle, the reflection of light changes after local moisture absorption, which is easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric should be padded with white cloth when ironing. 

4. The pure cotton fabric of high count and high density jacquard fabric has a special high warp and weft density and rich weaving method. Therefore, the fabric has a thick handle, good durability and high surface finish. Most of them are from light color to natural color, which is particularly unique and elegant. It is one of the more advanced pure cotton fabrics.

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