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How to Tie a Scarf According to Different Face Shapes

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Today, scarves have become a must-have accessory for women. It is understood that it has a variety of uses. Different face shapes also have different matching methods in order to better retouch the face, making the whole look more popular and beautiful.

Methods of tying scarves

Here are several common methods of tying scarves and corresponding use occasion:

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1. Strip knot

Fold the long silk scarf in half to the appropriate width, and loosen and tightly wrap around the neck. The tails are cross-knotted, and the tightness of the adjustment achieves a natural effect. This is the best way to keep beauty in simplicity.

Applicable occasion: business-style informal gathering.

2. Bow-knot

Fold the small square into a triangle diagonally to expose the corners of the shoulders, then tie a bow on the chest, expand the flower shape, and hide the knot slightly. If you want to use a beautiful silk scarf as an embellishment, you should choose a long silk scarf, which looks like a dancing flower and butterfly from afar, and it has a clever complement to the lower collar top.

When to use: Dating and informal parties.

3. Corset

Fold a gorgeous square scarf diagonally, flat against the chest around the back, tie a knot loosely at the tail, and carefully organize the required shape. It should be noted that the silk scarf in front of the hanging chest should be tight and appropriate. It can be inserted into one palm as the best state. The color should not be too bright. This pair of solid sweaters and slim-fitting trousers avoids complicated jewelry and immediately presents an elegant and feminine atmosphere to everyone.

Applicable occasions: formal dinner and large reception.

The scarf fits different face shapes

In addition to knowing how to use the scarf, you also need to know how the scarf fits different face shapes.

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1. Round face

 In order to make the contour of the face look fresh and thin, the key is to lengthen the sagging part of the scarf as much as possible to emphasize the vertical sense.
Try to choose a tie method that suits your personal dress style, such as diamond knots, rhombuses, roses, heart-shaped knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping the neck tie, excessive horizontal, and too strong layered knots.

2. Long face

The horizontal system that spreads left and right can show the hazy flowing feeling of the collar and reduce the feeling of longer face. Such as lily knots, necklace knots, double-headed knots, etc. In addition, the silk scarf can be twisted into a slightly thick rod shape and tied into a bow-like shape.

3. Inverted triangle face

The silk scarf can be used to make the neck full of layering to ease the harshness of the face. A luxurious knot style will have a good effect. Such as leaves with rosettes, necklaces, blue and white knots.

4. Square face

When wearing a silk scarf, try to be as clean as possible around the neck, and tie some strong knots on the chest, and then match it with a simple line top to interpret the noble temperament. Scarves can be selected from basic flowers, nine-lettered knots, long scarf rose knots, etc.

All in all, choosing different scarves according to different face shapes can help to better modify the face and increase fashion sense. We need to know more about the knowledge of scarves, please stay tuned for the latest developments.

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