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How to Wash and Keep Women’s Dresses?

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Your dress is unlike your other day-to-day clothing. It requires special attention to keep it looking its best and should be maintained with care, especially those silk dresses. It’s important to wash your dress and prepare it for weeks of hanging or storage so that when you’re finally ready to wear it, it still looks amazing. Our guide will assist you to prepare your dress so that it maintains its beauty. 

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Dress Washing

After wearing your dress, you may find that your dress may have a small mark or stain that needs washing. You need to clean your dress before returning it to storage in your wardrobe, so it’s fresh and ready to wear again.

1 Treat Stains

Blotting clothes such as silk dress with cool water will treat most food stains. For perspiration or deodorant stains, apply diluted vinegar to the area with a soft sponge.

2 Let It Soak

Fill a clean sink or washtub with lukewarm water. Add two or three drops of hair shampoo or mild soap and stir the water to create lather. Let it soak for a few minutes.

3 Hand Wash Spots

Rub stained or very dirty spots with soapy water. Use your fingers or a soft sponge to apply very light pressure. For silk dress, avoid scrubbing the silk, which will permanently damage the fibers.

4 Rinse Thoroughly

Drain the warm water and fill the sink with cool water. Use this water to rinse the dress.

5 One More Time

Replace the used water with fresh water. Rinse the dress again. Turn the dress as you rinse it to ensure water runs over all areas of the dress and no traces of soap remain.

6 Air Dry

Remove the dress from the water and air dry it.

How to keep Your Dress

If possible, store your dress by laying completely flat in a box. Fold as little as possible. 

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If you can’t store it flat, hang your dress. Use a wide/rounded hanger that won’t leave indents on the straps or neckline of the dress. Cover in a zip-through plastic dress cover. Make sure the dress is hanging straight and not touching the ground.

Combat against pests – use a gentle insect/moth repellent to make sure your dress remains bug-free. Test the product beforehand to ensure it doesn’t have a strong scent that will be difficult to remove from the fabric.

Keep your dress away from direct light. If you hang your dress up in a room with strong sun exposure, the color may fade or dull.  Allow your dress room to breathe – do not pack it too tightly into a small space.

With a few simple tips, you can make sure that it remains crease-free and in brand new condition.

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