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How to Wear the Shirt?

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Whether it is a suit for formal occasions or a casual wear for vacations, shirts are indispensable. Different ways of wearing a shirt give a completely different impression. It is a basic knowledge for people to know the texture, selection, wearing and tie matching of silk shirts.


Different Styles


1. Premium Shirt

(1) Occasion: important social activities such as banquets, parties, celebrations, etc.


(2) Quality: exquisite texture, artistic sense, and the black silk blouse long sleeve or white silk button down blouse is the best choice.


(3) Tips for Details

There is no need to buy pure cotton shirt. These fabrics are very easy to deform, yellow, pleated, and expensive. You can buy woven, linen, yarn and synthetic fabrics with good craftsmanship and good texture.


2. Professional Casual Shirt

(1) Occasion: work, daily activities.

(2) Quality: the choice of materials and models tends to be comfortable, and casual.

(3) Tips for Details

This type of shirt should be slightly formal and refined, with monochrome or stripes, which can show solemn and bright image.


3. Casual Home Shirt

(1) Occasion: home, walk, play.

(2) Quality: comfortable cotton fabric, personalized color pattern.

(3) Tips for Details

The model selection must be loose, and the quality must be well controlled at the same time, because casual does not mean informal.

 white silk blouse

Different Collar Types


1. Professional Standard Collar

A standard collar refers to the collar with the flat length and open angle. This kind of shirt is commonly used in business activities. The color is mainly monochrome and white. It is the most common style. It is not affected by age and is suitable for any face shape.


2. Heterochromatic Collar

The collars of plain or striped shirts are mostly standard collars or open angle collars. And the collar points have many shapes, usually round, which match the paisley pattern perfectly. For men who choose shirts with heterochromatic collar, they need pay attention to coordination in matching, because this type of shirt is difficult to match brilliantly. It has a strong sense of fashion, such as the heterochromatic collar series of Shizu and James. Please choose carefully.


3. Traditional Snap Collar

The left and right collars are sewed with snaps, and the tie passes through the snaps. The shirt collar with snaps emphasizes the strictness and the three-dimensional image of the tie structure. Wearing this kind of collar type shirt, it is appropriate for you to wear a tie, usually with a tight knot. The tie pattern matching the snap collar should be traditional and conservative. The fine and warm stripe or British stripe tie is the best partner of the black silk button down shirt.


4. Romantic Windsor collar

Windsor collar refers to the collar with an included angle between 120 and 180 degrees. It was named after the duke of Windsor who liked it. This collar type is also known as open-angle collar. With the return of the romantic trend in the new century, the Windsor collar is popular again. And Windsor tie matching with Windsor collar reflects the exquisite modern thoughts of recent generations in retro. The Windsor tie bow tie is wide and very personal. It is suitable for round and square faces.


5. Button collar

Button collar refers to the collar tip fixed with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt, and it is the only collar type in all collar type that does not require pulp. This collar type is mostly used in casual shirts, such as denim shirts and everlane relaxed silk shirts, which is mainly made of checkered pattern or polka dot pattern. The fabric is made of pure cotton fabric or oxfonl fabric. Some silk tie shirts use button collars to fix the tie, so it is best to match it with a fine knot silk tie and it is suitable for young people.


A shirt is a must-have piece in a wardrobe. Especially in spring and summer, many women choose shirts as their commuter clothes. Nowadays, in addition to the basic white silk blouse, there are more shirt styles to choose from, such as off shoulder silk blouse, leopard print silk shirt. The design of the neckline and sleeve details or the addition of ruffles, bows, straps and other elements have enriched the slightly monotonous raw silk shirt.

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