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How to wash and maintain real silk?

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Real silk is a natural fibre fabric with light, soft and smooth texture and strong air permeability. It is an ideal summer dress fabric. However, due to its soft and slippery texture and easy silk hanging or improper washing, it is easy to cause damage to clothing. So how to wash and maintain silk? 

Washing Method of Real Silk

1. Washing

Silk clothing is made of delicate fiber. It should not be rubbed on a rough surface or washed in a washing machine. Clothes should be soaked in cold water for 5-10 minutes, and it can be wiped with a special silk detergent or neutral soap. If you wash silk pillowcase, silk eye mask or silk scarf and other small items, you can use shampoo. 

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2. Drying

Silk clothing should not be sun-dried after washing or be dried by a dryer. Generally, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun easily make the silk fabric yellow, fade, and age. Therefore, after washing silk garments, it is not advisable to twist the clothing to remove water. When drying, put the inside of the clothes outward and put them in a cool place until they are 70% dry. 

3. Ironing

The anti-wrinkle performance of silk clothing is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber. So they need to be ironed after the clothes are washed. Before ironing, you can spray the water evenly on the surface of clothes. After waiting for 3-5 minutes, you can iron the clothes. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 150°C. And the iron should not touch the silk surface directly, you can put a cotton cloth on the back side and a wet cloth on the front. 

4. Preservation

Some clothes need washing and ironing before they are stored, such as thin underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, silk pajamas. Some clothes that are inconvenient to be washed should be cleaned by dry cleaning and ironed to prevent mold. Ironing clothes can play a role in sterilization and insect control. At the same time, the boxes or cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and sealed as much as possible to prevent dust pollution.

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Maintenance Methods of Real Silk

1. Wash silk fabrics under 30 degrees by hands. You can add a few drops of balsamic vinegar in the water, and the washed silk clothes are soft and smooth.

2. It is not advisable to wash with alkaline detergent or soap when washing. After washing, ventilation should be chosen to cool and dry, so as to avoid damaging the feel and color of silk clothes.

3. Silk clothes should be washed immediately after sweating.

4. Do not hang silk clothes on hard metal hooks to prevent damage to the silk surface.

5. When the silk is not worn, it is not advisable to put the mothballs.

6. The ironing temperature should be 100 degrees, and it's better to put a cotton cloth on the back side and a wet cloth on the front. 

Mastering the scientific method of washing and maintaining is of great benefit to maintaining the beautiful appearance of real silk and extending its life.


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