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Introduction to Trousers You Should Know

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Trousers generally refer to clothing worn by people below the waist. They are generally made of one waist, one crotch, and two trouser legs. There are many categories according to the material, shape and audience, such as silk wide leg pants, silk cargo trousers, mens silk trousers, etc.

94 silk cargo trousers


1. Differences between Men Trousers and Women Trousers

Due to the large differences in body shape between men and women, there are different ways in the cutting process. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between male and female pure silk trousers and the relationship between their structure.


The waist section of the male body is lower, and the waist section of the female body is higher than that of the male body. In this way, they have determined that under the condition of same height, the length and the the stand of the female raw silk trousers are larger than that of the male trousers.

94 raw silk trousers


Due to the physiological differences between men and women, the concave front of men's pants is greater than that of women, and the placket of men satin silk pants is always located in the front center position, but that of women pants can be set at will.



2. Design of Women Pants

The basic type of pants can be said that anyone can wear it. According to different hobbies, the live pleats of the front piece can be changed into pleats and so on. General wool, cotton, linen and chemical fiber fabrics can be used. If the color is black, gray, navy blue, brown, etc., it is easier to match with the top. Simple, slender checkered fabrics are also possible.


The amount of cloth used. Table cloth is 140cM and width is 110cm (pants length added 10cm-15cm), from the front piece. The thickness added from the front and back center is calculated according to the ratio of the hip size. The fatter body can be slightly more added, and the more paralyzed can be less. The knee height line can be determined according to the position of the drawing. If the trousers are longer than the heel bone and the foot mouth is wider, then the knee height line should be raised a little, so that the shape of the pants can be more beautiful. The inclination of the rear vertical line is determined in consideration of the function. That is, the greater the inclination, the longer the rear vertical line. The difference between the total length of the front and rear standing files of the model and the measured net size of the standing files is the margin and the amount of exercise. Under normal circumstances, this difference is more appropriate in 2cm ~ 3cm. When it is surplus or insufficient, increase or decrease at the upper end of the horizontal crotch line and the rear rise line. In the special case, the more difference, the better. After drawing is completed, put the front and rear inseam lines together to check whether the arc of the riser is natural and smooth. If there is any deviation, the drawing and model should be corrected.

94 silk crepe pants


Cutting point: use the light edge of the fabric to take the waist, and after the remaining part is double folded, cut the front and back pieces through the cutting. For fabrics that are smooth and glossy, arrange the front and back pieces in the same direction and cut them. The front opening of the illustration is the same as the skirt zipper method, so the seam head is widened. If you want to use welt, you must also eject the welt template.


There are many kinds of pants, such as silk crepe pants, silk satin trousers, silk linen trousers, etc,. Choose the suitable pants according to the material, shape and audience.

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