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Scarf Storage and Maintenance

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Scarf Storage and Maintenance

Scarves are in the shape of strips, triangles, and squares. The fabrics generally use wool, cotton, real silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester, and other materials, and are usually used to keep warm. In this article we will introduce how to store and maintain scarves.


How to Store Scarves

1) You can use the hanger which is used to hang suit pants, fold the 100 percent real silk scarf into a state where it can be used immediately, and fix it with a clip, which is very convenient to take.


2) Using a small storage drawer made of thick cardboard, you can choose a drawer with a width of about 30cm, and fold the long silk scarf for hair and then fold it in half to store it.


3) Hang multiple folded silk scarves on the hanger and fix them with clothespins. If you are afraid that the clothespins will leave marks on the scarves, you can use thick paper to clamp between the clips and the scarves.


4) Fold the neck silk scarf into 1/4 size and put it in a folder with multiple inner layers. When storing, as long as the folder is laid flat, no wrinkles will occur.


5) Since the use of scarves is not limited by season, the collection time will not be too long. If it is a collection for a long time, you can use the following two methods. The first is to use the core of the cling film to wrap the folded scarf on the core of the cling film, which does not occupy space and prevents wrinkles. The second is to use the laundry storage bag. Put a laundry storage bag on the 100 silk scarf for hair and shawl on the hanger to prevent dust.


6) The method to eliminate the tassel knots of shawls is to comb the tassel before collecting. But do not use force to pull them up. Use steam from the steam iron to straighten the tassel. After combing the tassel, fold them inwards and carefully wrap the scarf with a tissue with good air permeability to prevent the shawl from knotting and mildew.

 100 percent silk scarf

Scarf Maintenance Method

1) Pure Cotton Scarf

Cotton scarves will fade a little during the first wash, which is related to the quality of the scarves. It is best to put some salt in the water when washing the cotton scarves for the first time.


2) Silk scarf

Silk scarves are expensive especially these of famous brands, such as Hermes silk scarf, Gucci silk scarf, Burberry silk scarf, Dior silk scarf and Alexander Macqueen silk scarf. So, the silk scarf needs to be maintained carefully. Dissolve the 100 percent silk scarf in water with soap first, pay attention to the temperature of the water which should not be too high. And then put the silk scarf in, wash it gently with your hands, take care not to scrub hard, nor use the washing machine to wash the silk scarf, it is easy to deform and damage the silk scarf. After washing, be sure to wash the soap liquid with clean water.


3) Synthetic Fiber Scarf

Synthetic fiber scarves must never be soaked in boiling water. Such chemical fibers cannot withstand the temperature of boiling water. They often shrink and deform due to excessive temperature, which will destroy the original shape, and the elasticity of the scarf will be affected.


Good storage and maintenance methods can extend the life of the scarf and make the scarf look more beautiful. Hopefully, these storage and maintenance methods can help you.

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