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Some Famous Brands of Shirts (1)

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Some Famous Brands of Shirts (1)

With the change of fashion trends, shirts have become more than a professional and serious image, but gradually become a timeless fashion classic. In any era, you can see fashionable women in white shirts, showing different charm regardless of age. At present, there are many shirt brands on the market. Here are some famous shirt brands.



Armani enjoys a supreme status in menswear. In the second half of the 20th century, Armani dabbled in the entire content of men's fashion, no one could match it. This brand also has a shrewdness, which is exactly the same as the web browser designed by Microsoft, it is difficult to match with other brands' products. Many men have discovered or are about to discover that Armani suits only look good when paired with Armani shirts, such as silk button down shirt mens, printed silk shirt mens. The style of Armani shirt is as loose and casual as its suit, but the materials are very particular. Armani shirt fabrics include linen, Egyptian cotton, silk, wool, viscose, and even cashmere. The unique fabric selection and design is one of Armani's characteristics, ensuring that each Armani shirt can retain the clear Armani characteristics. Armani suits have many styles from casual to formal wear, each style has a corresponding series of shirts. The collars of shirts can be divided into button styles, open-angle styles, collarless styles and snap styles. And the sleeves of shirts are divided into conventional and extended sleeve.


 white silk blouse for women

Davide Cenci

Founded in Rome in 1926, Davide Cenci is one of Italy's top shirt brands. It was not until 1982 that Davide Cenci opened a branch in New York City, which saved the American guests from crossing the ocean. The reason why Davide Cenci fascinates its customers is that it skillfully integrates Italian creativity and exquisite workmanship with English rigorous and steady style. At first glance, it's hard to distinguish the difference between Davide Cenci shirt and other famous shirt brands, but on a closer look, you can distinguish the shirts of Davide Cenci from its refined fabric color or the casual cutting style. The Davide Cenci mens black silk shirt short sleeve is not only eye-catching in style, but also has a soft feel and a bold cut. Only Italy can create such a brand. The fabrics are all Italian products, and all Davide Cenci shirts are produced in Italy. Davide Cenci shirts are divided into 3 series: machine-made prefabricated series, semi-manual series and fully-manual series. The style of the collar is divided into three types: large open angle, medium open angle and sharp angle. The collar and sleeves are sewed in two threads to ensure a neat and elegant appearance without sizing.




Founded in Paris in 1838, Charvet designed and produced exquisite and elegant shirts for the most discerning customers around the world. Strolling through the Charvet fashion store in Verdun Square is a beautiful journey of satisfying soul, the bright shirts and ties, the shiny silk brocades, a wide range of rare fabrics, and the attentive sales staff are all pleasing to the eyes. Under the guidance of the sales staff, the customer will go to the second floor to try on clothes by a small elevator. The types of shirts available for selection here are divided into finished products, special products, tailor-made clothes or customized products. According to the different types of shirts chosen by the guests, the chief tailor will measure the body for the guests. Then, the guests will be taken to the fabric room downstairs, where they can choose their favorite shirt fabric from more than 6000 kinds of fabrics. Fabrics range from 100 double warp and single weft poplin to 220 high count poplin, all from Switzerland, Italy and England. In addition to poplin, there are oxford, zephyr, cambric, drill, silk and flax. After choosing the fabric, the sales staff will assist the guest in choosing the style of the collar and sleeves. Every shirt comes from Charvet Factory on the outskirts of Paris. Whether it is customized or prefabricated, each shirt is only in charge of a female worker who will complete all production processes of the shirt except for sewing button holes and ironing. Charvet ranks among the most expensive shirt brands in the world. The attention of details ensures that every Charvet shirt is noble and comfortable.


Whether it is a fixed match with a suit or a single wear, the shirt is necessary for people as a basic item. And the fashionable and tasteful women will choose silk shirts in summer, such as women's silk button down blouse, everlane relaxed silk shirt. Comfortable silk shirts are a good fashion companion for daily commuting. It can meet all the needs of women from both functional and visual aspects.

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