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Some Famous Brands of Shirts (2)

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In the context of consumption upgrading, customers' consumption habits also change.  Not only the quality requirements of brand products are higher, but also the need to show their unique personality through products is more urgent. This consumption trend is more obvious in the clothing market, especially in the shirt Market. Let me introduce some famous shirt brands.


J. Press

In the United States, J. Press is the most academic shirt brand. For decades, J. Press has basically become a must-have brand for Harvard and Yale students and professors. Founded in 1902, J. Press is located in New Haven, Connecticut, where Yale University is located. It is mainly engaged in formal suits, conservative neckties, beautiful and expensive shirts. Now J. Press shirts are no longer limited to the traditional blue or white button collar style, such as red silk button down shirt, blue silk button down shirt and so on. The shirts are available in a variety of sizes, and the style remains the same all the year.



H&H is among the top shirt manufacturers on Jermyn Street. And it is regarded as a model for prudent business development because of the premise of ensuring good quality and goodwill.  The shirts of H&H are exquisitely crafted. On the one hand, they retain the traditional solid color style, on the other hand, they introduce more lively fabrics and colors (such as pink silk button down shirt, silk screen printing shirt, silk leopard print blouse, etc.). Like many top shirt brands, certain styles of H&H shirts are also produced in limited quantities. New shirts are released every two years. All of H&H's prefabricated shirts are made of Egyptian double warp and single weft poplin fabrics with the unique flat-angle collar styles and bead buttons. The custom shirt fabrics include premium cotton, sea-island cotton, voile and silk. More importantly, H&H is one of the few brands that still has on-site factories. Of course, it will increase the cost, but the workmanship is sure of top level. H&H also provides the service of changing sleeves and collars for its white shirts.



Hermes has long been among the world's largest manufacturers of luxury goods. But little is known, Hermes is actually the world's top shirt manufacturer. Although Hermes pre-made shirts are available in many stores around the world, the customer can truly appreciate the magic and elegance of Hermes customized shirts only by going to the Hermes Paris boutique in person. With a history of 160 years, Hermes was originally a leather manufacturer specializing in saddle making. The company carefully designs and selects the best fabrics for every fashion. Hermes shirt fabric includes 100 double warp and single weft poplin, sea-island cotton and silk. Single line stitching, reverse stitching, split back shoulders and double pleated sleeves all ensure the elegant appearance of Hermes shirt and the comfort of wearing.

 white silk blouse

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna was founded in 1910 in Italy. There are three series of shirts: soft series, ingenuity series and Naples series. The soft series is wide and elegant, which is suitable for the casual environment without tie. The ingenuity series are classic formal shirts with standard or large collars, French sleeves or button sleeves. The Naples series is the most expensive series, and the top fabrics used are all from Zegna's factories. The shirt (such as black and gold silk shirt, navy blue silk shirt, off shoulder silk blouse) is completed by a special computer controlled cutting system. With a unique design, the fabrics are all processed with premium Egyptian cotton from Zegna's textile mill.


For delicate women, a silk shirt with a good texture is one of the items worth investing in the wardrobe.

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