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The Collocation Skill of Silk Scarf

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Scarves are items around women's necks. They are used to match clothing and play a role in decoration. At the same time, they have become essential clothing accessories for women. Various methods of matching scarves make silk scarf the most changing jewelry.

The matching of scarves is also very recherche, such as white coat with dark blue velvet towel, gray coat with big red scarf and apricot yellow coat with rose silk scarf. When the color of coat and scarf are close, you can use shiny pins to coordinate. It is worth noting that to achieve elegant effects, special attention should be paid to the collar of the clothing. For example, high-necked sweaters are more suitable, while coats are better for those with V-necks and lapels. Here are 7 interesting combinations for you.

1. Long purplish red silk scarf with gray clothing can make the collocation sagacious.

2. The coat with rosy collar and pale white flower-shaped square scarf with a red bottom which is knotted in the middle of the neckline or slightly to the side, will make people look noble.

3. Cross a red silk scarf with an orange-red flower pattern around the neck and tie the two ends to make a knot on the back, which makes people looks unique.

4. A quiet, pure, creative girl can choose a delicate white rose with a pure white scarf around her neck.

5. A lively and extroverted girl can buy a few colorful squares, choose a side with a length of 32 to 40 centimeters, and then stack it into a hat. Folk, abstract, and even post-modern spraying techniques will bring unexpected surprise.

6. Women who are full of artistic intuition can choose the kind of high-grade silk scarf with a delicate fragrance, which allows the incense to flutter. This kind of scarves often have strong three-dimensional flower patterns, such as slender morning glory and noble orchids, which makes the wearer appear to be very temperamental.

7. A light-colored leopard long scarf is relatively thin and very styled, which is a perfect embodiment of the matching of long scarves.

silk scarf

The silk scarves that are both warm and applicable and add charm for ladies, making them radiant. Knot silk scarves of different colors and patterns in different ways, and with appropriate hairstyles and clothes, you can change different posture, which sometimes makes people look dignified, sometimes serene, sometimes passionate and sometimes sweet. We will give a few examples next.

1. A white silk scarf, knot one end and repeat the knot twice at the other end. The silk scarf worn in this way will make the lady look dignified and beautiful.

2. After crossing the two ends of the long silk scarf with black background, one end of the silk scarf is bypassed forward. And the simple wearing method is matched with refreshing short hair and white top, which is gentle and pure and beautiful.

3. Tie a big bow on the chest with a silk scarf of the lotus color, and tie a delicate small ornament. If it is paired with romantic long hair and a red coat, it will definitely make people looks passionate and full of youthful vitality.

 silk scarf

4. Select a light square box scarf, fold it into three folds around the neck and tie it, and then swell one end to tie it again. With a bright black braid or long brush, the light red top looks soft and sweet and affectionate.

5. Fold the small square scarf into a triangle, surround it at the back of the neck, cross both ends and go back to the front of the neck, put in the scarf buckle, push the scarf buckle up to the neck, and close the buckle finally. With jackets and sportswear, people seem to be unrestrained.

In general, the ingenious silk scarves are really colorful. With its gorgeous appearance and soft and refreshing texture, silk scarves have become one of the most practical and popular accessories. We can use our imagination, embellish life with color, and add charm to ourselves.

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