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The Matters Need Attention about Pajamas

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Pajamas are clothes that people wear to sleep at night, usually made up of loose and comfortable jackets and trousers. In Greek and Urdu, the word “pajamas” refers to a kind of fat trousers worn in the room at night. In Roman times, pajamas were clothes that could be worn by upper aristocrats. In modern times, pajamas have become one of the most common daily clothes. The materials used in modern pajamas generally include cotton, polyester, nylon and other fiber products, which can bring people comfortable and stable high quality sleep. When choosing pajamas, we should pay attention to the following points .

Pajamas With Elastic Bands At The Waist

This kind of pajamas can easily rein the waist, affect the blood circulation of human body, make the legs swollen, and even numb. In the choice of pajamas, you can choose pajamas with lace at the waist. Especially for people who are obese at the waist and abdomen, it is more important to ensure that the pajamas are loose.

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Red Or Yellow Pajamas

Bright red, orange and yellow can make people feel nervous and excited, which is not good for falling asleep. In addition, some dark pajamas may be stained with more chemicals in dyeing, not only bad for the skin, but also carcinogenic. It is recommended to choose pajamas with light and relaxing colors, such as pink, green, beige and so on. 

Siamesed pajamas

This kind of pajamas can make people feel uncomfortable when they turn over during the sleep, it can also affect breathing, damage bone health, and may make you catch a cold. It is best to choose split pajamas, which make you comfortable to wear and convenient to move.

Hooded Pajamas

When sleeping, the hat of this kind of pajamas will be pressed under the neck, causing soreness, stiff neck and other discomfort, affecting the quality of sleep. In addition, neck compression can also lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, making sleep shallow.

Rough Knitting Pajamas

This kind of pajamas are thicker in texture and have hard edges in the seams, which can stimulate the skin and lead to shallow sleep. 

Tight Pajamas

Tight pajamas look stylish, sexy and popular with young women. But these pajamas will be close to the body, not conducive to skin sweating and body temperature regulation, but also affect blood circulation, make people have nightmares and so on.

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Too Thick Pajamas

Some pajamas are thick, furry and look warm, but they increase friction with the bed and quilt, are detrimental to the flip of the body, hinder muscle relaxation and adjustment of sleeping posture.

Pajamas of Chemical Fiber Fabrics

Chemical fiber, wool fabric is easy to cause static electricity, and these fabrics directly contact with the skin will stimulate the skin, resulting in decreased immunity and neurological disorders. Besides, they do not absorb sweat, which is not conducive to the regulation of body temperature during sleep. It is best to choose pure cotton pajamas or silk pajamas, these fabric is soft, breathable, strong hygroscopicity, can absorb sweat on the skin. Cotton clothing is less irritating to the skin and does not cause allergies and itching. Silk is a protein fiber, which has the function of skin care and health care. The silk pajamas have good heat insulating characteristic, hygroscopicity and air permeability.

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