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The Secrets You Don’t Know about Silk

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Many people only know that women silk blouse is relatively high-end and comfortable to wear. They don't know what benefits of silk tops and blouses will bring to people. The following content introduces the benefits of silk clothing to human health. 


ilk tops and blouses

Moisture Absorption and Air Permeability


As we all know, silk is a natural protein molecular compound, which is made of the liquid from silkworm. It not only has good hygroscopicity, but also has good air permeability. In humid environment, dry silk can absorb water, sweat and metabolites discharged from human body, take away heat from human body, keep skin clean, so as to avoid bacteria breeding on human skin. In the dry environment, the silk absorbed sweat is very breathable, so the pure silk shirt gives people a dry, smooth, comfortable and cool feeling, which is conducive to prevent eczema, skin itching and other skin diseases. Contact dermatitis rarely occurs when silk tee shirts come into contact with skin. On the contrary, through human activities, the skin constantly rubs against the silk underwear, which can also play an auxiliary role in the treatment of some skin diseases. Medical experts used silk underwear to treat skin pruritus, papular urticaria in children, pruritus in the legs and other skin diseases, and achieved significant antipruritic effect. Silk is a protein fiber containing many kinds of amino acids, which can accelerate blood circulation, soften blood vessels, delay aging, and prevent arteriosclerosis and varicose vein diseases.


Skin Care Function


Making silk, a natural raw material, into close fitting clothes helps prevent and treat skin diseases. Silk is a kind of protein fiber, which has the characteristics of hygroscopicity, good air permeability, strong ability of dirt absorption and antibacterial. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to human body. Silk sleep shirt can enhance the vitality of cells, prevent vascular sclerosis and anti-aging, help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, and keep the skin moist and smooth. Many women like to wear silk pajamas or underwear, and they also like to use silk pillowcases when they sleep, which is very helpful for human health and beauty.


Auxiliary Treatment


In recent years, through scientific research, people found that silk satin shirt has good auxiliary treatment function. According to the needs of different parts of human body, medical workers made different kinds of fabrics from silk, and selected 30 patients with skin itch for treatment. The results showed that only using silk fabric can get good curative effect, without using additional drugs for treatment.


 silk satin shirt

UV Resistance


Long silk shirt can also protect people's skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The silk will turn yellow gradually under the ultraviolet radiation, because the silk absorbs the ultraviolet light in the sun. It is known that too much ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful to human skin. Therefore, it can be made into clothing by using the absorption property of silk fiber to ultraviolet radiation to achieve the purpose of skin protection. Silk cotton shirt not only has the function of anti ultraviolet, but also has the flame retardant. Its porous fiber space can also prevent the invasion of harmful gases on the human body, and more care for your skin.

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