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What Are Wide Leg Trousers?

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Loose pants is a kind of pants with wide legs, which is the same width from thigh to hem. Unlike flared pants, the loose silhouette makes people look more atmospheric. The close-fitting style of silk wide leg trousers can also decorate the imperfect leg shape, making the whole very thin.

 98 silk cropped trousers

Development History Of Wide Leg Trousers


In the 1930s and 1940s, wide legged trousers were favored for helping women escape from the corset. Wide leg pants began to be popular in China in the 1980s. Most of the wide silk trousers in the 1980s were light and flowing and they were generally high waisted.


With the return of the trend in the 1940s, wide legged pants quietly occupied the majority of the T platform and became the strong enemy of leggings. At the beginning of autumn, wide trouser legs can be seen everywhere. With the simple atmosphere of men's pants, the close fitting cutting highlights the beautiful curve of women. The long-legged silk trousers wide leg naturally have unique advantages. The petite trousers with the same swaying posture are the most fashionable "pants" of the new season.


Today's popular wide leg pants are not only suitable for leisure wear on holiday, but also suitable for all kinds of formal occasions. In our daily life, with a pair of comfortable flat shoes and a soft big handbag, black silk wide leg trousers give people a quiet and comfortable holiday mood. If you want to be more feminine, wear it with a lace vest and a romantic curly look.

 98silk cropped trousers

Attention To Wearing Wide Leg Trousers


Wide leg pants are very fat below the widest part of the hip circumference, but the waist, abdomen and hip are very close fitting, so they are more suitable for flat body. The criteria for choosing silk wide leg pants is to be wide, especially those odd silhouettes with super wide crotch cut to make up for the body disadvantage.


The legs of the nine-point baggy silk pants must cover the calves so that the beautiful ankles are exposed.


If you need low waist wide leg pants to give you a feeling of laziness and leisure, the top must be loose. Cotton and knitted tops are more lazy and the more layers, the better. In addition, the upper hem must not be over the waist. The super short boots and ballet Leggings popular this winter can highlight the sexy ankle very well.


Baggy silk trousers with lazy top always give people a kind of uninhibited temperament, so exotic special material jewelry, big bags and soft hats are all versatile pieces of wide leg pants.


Girls with relatively strong leg lines should never consider vertical stripes as your life-saving straw. If you choose pants with thin stripes or contrasting stripes, the disadvantages will be more prominent. In contrast, trousers with wide stripes or blurred stripes stretch the leg lines.


The fabric of silk cropped trousers should be thick and have a sense of sagging. Of course, the nine fold wide leg pants would look better if the material of them is wrinkled.

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