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What Good Does Real Silk Bedding to Pressure Ulcers?

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In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, silk bedding has entered the public's vision. Silk fabrics are well received by consumers because of their excellent quality. Silk bedding mainly includes silk sheets, silk duvet covers, silk comforter sets and silk pillowcases, which guarantee the quality of your sleep.


Here we introduce the benefits of silk bedding for patients with pressure ulcers.


Introduction to pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are tissue ulceration and necrosis due to long-term compression of local tissues, continuous ischemia, hypoxia and malnutrition. After the skin has pressure sores, care is a particularly important issue, because a large number of patients die from pressure sores every year. Silk bedding is suitable for patients with pressure ulcers. Silk fabrics can absorb sweat from the body, remove heat, keep the skin clean, and prevent bacteria from growing on the skin.


Causes of pressure ulcers

1. Stress factor

(1) The main cause of pressure ulcers caused by vertical pressure is that local tissues are subjected to continuous vertical pressure, especially where the bones of the body protrude. Long-term in bed or wheelchair, improperly placed pads in the splint, uneven or debris in the gypsum, and more than normal local pressure for capillaries for a long time can cause pressure ulcers (in general, the blood vessels under the skin layer can bear about 32mmHg pressure. If the pressure exceeds the above, the local blood vessels may be twisted and deformed to affect the blood flow, and there is an ischemic phenomenon).


(2) Friction force acts on the skin, easily damaging the stratum corneum of the skin. When the patient is moving in bed or sitting in a wheelchair, the skin may be rubbed by the retrograde resistance of the surface of the bed sheet and wheelchair pad. For example, when the skin is scratched and impregnated by sweat, urine, stool, etc., pressure ulcers are likely to occur.


(3) Shearing force is a plane sliding in a parallel and opposite direction after a force is applied to an object, which is formed by adding frictional force and vertical pressure. It is closely related to body position. For example, when lying on your back and raising the head of the bed, your body will slide down, the skin and the bed will have parallel friction force, plus the vertical gravity of the skin, which will lead to the shear force, resulting in local skin blood circulation disorder and pressure sore.


2. Nutritional status

Systemic nutritional deficiencies, muscle atrophy, and lack of protection at pressure points, such as long-term fever and cachexia. Systemic nutritional dysfunction and inadequate nutritional intake will lead to reduced protein synthesis, negative nitrogen balance, reduced subcutaneous fat, and muscle wasting. Once compressed, the skin at the bone protrusion must withstand external pressure and the pressure of the bone protrusion. Lack of protection of muscles and fat tissue at the pressure point causes pressure ulcers due to blood circulation disorders.

 pink silk sheets

3. Decreased skin resistance

The skin is often subject to physical irritation such as moisture and friction (such as improper use of gypsum bandages and splints, incontinence of urine and urine, uneven folds of bed sheets, debris on the bed, etc.), which reduces the resistance of the skin.


Nursing methods for pressure sores

1. Patients should do well with nutritional supplements. Patients should add more protein and vitamins, generally like meat, eggs, milk and fruits and vegetables to give patients more supplements. Try to eat less spicy and greasy food.


2. Ventilate indoors, keep it dry, keep the bedding clean, and avoid the wounds being bitten by mosquitoes.


3. Pay attention to the patient's emotional changes and communicate diligently so that the patient maintains a good mental state and is conducive to the recovery of the condition.


4. It is best to use skin-friendly fabrics, such as silk fabrics when choosing the bed sheets and quilts used by patients. Real silk sheets and silk quilt covers are most commonly selected for patients with pressure ulcers. The silk used in the silk fabric is composed of protein fiber, which has good biocompatibility with the human body and is combined with a smooth surface, which is the least irritating to the human body. Slip silk pillowcases and silk pillows can also be used to form a better environment for people lying in bed. Silk fabrics also have good hygroscopicity, which is also very important for the elderly in bed.

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