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What Is a Scarf?

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What Is a Scarf?

Scarf is the cloth in the shape of strips, triangles, squares around the neck. Its fabric is generally made of wool, cotton, real silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. It is used to keep warm and can also be worn for the religion.


Historical Development

The ancestors of our humans gave those hides as rewards to those worthy of recognition. In that time, the appearance of the scarf was not only for the physiological needs of warmth, but also a spiritual comfort and encouragement.


Modern scarves are textiles for warm and dustproof decoration with cotton, silk, wool and chemical fiber as raw materials. There are three processing methods: weaving, knitting and hand-knitting. According to the shape of the fabric, it can be divided into square scarf and long scarf. If the square scarf is cut along the diagonal, it will become a triangle scarf after sewing. There are plain color, color grid and printing and other varieties. In order to make the hand feel soft, the stripes clear, firm and durable, most of the woven square towels are made of plain, twill or satin. The warp and weft of silk scarfs are usually mulberry silk or chemical fiber silk, mainly white woven. The silk fabric is transparent in texture, soft and smooth to the touch, and light in weight. Silk square scarves suitable for spring and autumn are made of satin check, double crepe, twill and other varieties. The silk long scarf is mainly based on realistic flower patterns, the silk surface is soft and lustrous, the feel is smooth, and the flowers are colorful. There are fleece scarves in both woven and knitted scarves, which have short and dense surface fluff and thick hand feel, thus improving the warmth of the fabric. Wool scarves can also be achieved the effect of compactness by the fulling process.


With the development of society and the increase in population, people have a growing demand for scarves, and the processing of scarves is also very delicate. Moreover, the development of human civilization does not allow us to kill animals. They are no longer the object of human conquest, but the object of our protection. The animal pattern scarf that fashion people like to wear is no longer real fur, and it has evolved into very soft materials such as silk and cashmere. The style of these scarves make people feel fashionable.

 scarf for women

Scarf Modelling

Temperament type

Simply wrap the scarf around your neck in a loop. If the scarf material is soft enough, it can be properly refined, which will bring a feeling of "European and American style".


Gentle Type

Fold the scarf diagonally to form a triangle shape, leave the angle in front, or fix it with the scarf buckle.


Simple Type

When the clothes are too monotonous and need to be decorated, the scarf is the best choice. After simply tidying it up, it is around your neck, which can not only decorate, but also resist the cool wind.


Scarves can be said to be a must-have item in winter. Not only can the scarf keep warm, but it is also a good-looking accessory, which can increase the sense of layering. A few silk scarves are indispensable in the girl's wardrobe as a universal accessory.

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