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What Is the Origin of Rompers?

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What Is the Origin of Rompers?

Romper is a style that modern people like very much. There are three types, which has different names of overalls, rompers and jumpsuits. Let me explain to you the subtle differences between the three. Although they are all One-piece, Overalls are more inclined to suspenders. Denim is often used. The origin of Jumpsuits is the pilot skydiving suit. The characteristic of this kind of clothes is that the upper and lower body are one-piece and are generally long-sleeved trousers. The overall appearance is more like work clothes. Rompers actually refer to children's clothing style jumpsuits. But short sleeves, loose cuts and a little tight shorts legs can meet the breathability and comfort of the clothes. The difference with jumpsuit is mainly in loose cut and leggings.


History of Rompers

In 1919, Florentine Thayat designed the world's first one-piece. This piece of Rompers named "Tuta" was defined by him as the most innovative and futuristic garment created in the history of Italian fashion. In the following 1923, the Russian structuralist master Rodchenko and his wife Stepanova designed a similar work and named it Varst. Rodchenko worked as a painter, graphic designer, and later switched to photography. He was one of the founders of the Soviet design school. Therefore, this more avant-garde abstract design was not a practical style for people at the time. In the early days it was worn on soldiers, mechanics, and pilots. Because of the war and labor demands at that time, men entered the battlefield, and many jobs had to be solved by women themselves. Especially for women during World War II, putting on jumpsuits means that they have to work like men. The phenomenon of letting women wear rompers can be said to be a major change. Because in the eyes of traditional Western European and American countries at that time, women in pants were bad women. Of course, this uniform type of work clothes is simple and easy to wear, wear-resistant and damage-resistant, which can protect the woman's body well, so women also wear it. In the 1950s and 1960s, a Russian princess opened her own fashion design salon. The palazzo pajama set she designed can be said to have become a model of Italian fashionable style and royal fashion life at that time. Among them, the one-piece pajamas designed for the royal family have become high-class boutiques, and some ready-made clothes have also been permanently collected by major museums and art galleries.

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Classification of Rompers

There are many kinds of jumpsuits. The most common ones are tube top Rompers, tooling jumpsuits, strappy jumpsuits, etc., silk fabric jumpsuits are the most comfortable one, and there are many jumpsuits for special occupations, such as diving Uniforms, racing suits, etc.


Advantages of Rompers

The Rompers is very convenient for sports in some special occupations, and it has less cumbersomeness. The smooth lines are really friendly to the body and can show the proportion of the body ratio very well. The jumpsuit eliminates unnecessary matching steps, so you can easily go out with one piece. Pairing with white shoes or jewelry is a good match. Secondly, the jumpsuit is mainly characterized by tooling style, so it will not look too formal. It is suitable for casual daily life, even if dressed, it will not make people feel too deliberate. The exquisite tailoring and neat silhouette also make the celebrities love it. Finally, the jumpsuit will bring us a sense of age reduction, even girls can wear with cool style.


Rompers have become essential clothes in modern life. In addition to silk jumpsuits, we also have silk blouse, silk dress, silk eye mask and other silk clothing and silk accessory. If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more information.

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