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What Is the Rompers?

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What Is the Rompers?

When it comes to spring clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is the simple and relaxed romper. The romper is a kind of trousers with the top and trousers connected at the waist. Rompers was originally a costume of the US Air Force, and designers have since modified the rompers from details such as contoured fabrics to make the rompers look sexy and more in line with modern aesthetics. The romper is actually a variant of the overalls. Pressing the shoulder sleeves on the overalls makes it a romper. Therefore, rompers are considered a kind of overalls, and it has the youthful characteristics of overalls.



Rompers are divided into two categories according to length: trousers and shorts.


The origin of trousers is the pilot's skydiving suit, which is characterized by the combination of upper and lower garments. And its overall shape is similar to work clothes. This kind of design was later applied to the fashion design concept of women's clothing. The tops also have many changes such as long sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless.


The origin of shorts is the Victorian girl style. The loose cut design ensures breathability and comfort, as well as ease of movement.

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1. Floral Patterns

The nostalgic color is based on the small floral pattern, and full of the rural atmosphere. The exotic floral jumpsuit is great to wear on vacation. The floral jumpsuit gives a cool and bright feeling, and it makes people look extra spirited in summer.


2. Pop Patterns

Pop patterns include pop art, popular art, star avatars, geometric patterns, painting graffiti and other popular cultures. Choose the pop pattern that you like and wear the pop style of your own style.


3. Chiffon and Lace

Lace sets off the delicate and elegant charm of women, while chiffon is permeated with subtle charm. The combination of these two elements is enhanced by them.


4. Real Silk

Silk jumpsuits have a decent cut and a unique texture, which can perfectly modify the figure. Due to the lightness of the silk fabric, the silk clothing can also flow with the wind. The silk texture pajamas-style romper is comfortable, lazy and full of French style.


At first, the romper was the choice of fashionable ladies when they went out to play. It can show a beautiful figure and elegant temperament with pants instead of skirts. The elegant style of romper is a bit more reminiscent of the beauty. The rompers have adapted to changes over the years and have evolved into fashionable and iconic clothing that many people love. The jumpsuit does not have the problem of matching the upper and lower body, but there are a few small details that will make the ensemble unique, such as adding a silk scarf. Which can be worn as waistband, wristband and the decoration for bag. 

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