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What Kind of Apparel Fabric is Most Comfortable to Wear in Summer?

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In the summer, the temperature is high, and we choose to wear less, but people still feel very hot. why? Today we will tell you what clothes can make you feel cool.

In the world of clothing, the fabrics are varied and changing with each passing day. However, in general, high-quality and high-grade fabrics are mostly characterized by comfortable wearing, sweat-absorbent, breathability, overhanging, visually noble, and soft touch. Next we will talk about the fabrics that are suitable for summer. 

1. Real silk is the most skin-friendly 

Among the fabric materials, silk fabric is the lightest and has the best skin-friendly properties. It is the most suitable fabric for people to choose in the summer. Ultraviolet light is the most important external factor that causes skin aging. Real silk can protect people's skin from UV rays. However, silk will gradually turn yellow under the ultraviolet light, because the silk absorbs the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. 

Real silk is composed of protein fiber, which has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. In addition, its surface is smooth, and its friction coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all types of fibers, which is only 7.4%. Therefore, silk clothing can considerately and safely care for every inch of our skin since its unique soft texture will make it fit our body according to the curve of the human body. 

real silk clothing

2. Cotton and linen are the most breathable

Natural fibers such as cotton and linen have excellent cooling performance. Cotton and linen are very common ready-to-wear fabrics in the summer. No matter what kind of natural fiber, the fabric woven by the finely woven yarn is usually dry, lighter in weight and better in ventilation,they are more comfortable and cool.

Whether the summer clothes are cool or not has a great relationship with the hygroscopicity of the fabric. According to the measurement, when the temperature is 24 degrees and the relative humidity is about 60%, the moisture absorption rate of silk products is about 10%, the cotton fabric is about 8%, and the moisture absorption rate of synthetic fibers is the worst, generally less than 3%.

cotton fabric

3. Red clothes perform the best in sunscreen 

The light wave of red is the longest, which can absorb ultraviolet light in the sun. Therefore, wearing red clothes in the summer can block UV rays and prevent skin from being sunburned. To some extent, light-colored clothing may make people feel cool, but it might cause skin diseases when exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time. Especially white cotton clothing, which is often with fluorescent whitening agents, will reflect harmful light to the exposed face. In contrast, dark clothing such as red or navy is much safer. 

The worst sun protection fabric is the light yellow cotton fabric with a sun protection factor of only 7. The sunscreen effect drops to 4 after soaking. In view of this, scientists suggest that in the summer when UV radiation is relatively strong, if you are going out, you should change the habit of wearing light-colored clothing and wear dark chemical fiber fabrics.

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