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What Necessary Items Will You Prepare for Trip?

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When traveling, you need to bring a variety of supplies, but taking too much will increase the weight of our luggage, and less will make our journey less enjoyable. Therefore, what kind of necessities to bring has become the main point of our consideration. Today we will mainly introduce the necessities of the journey.

1. Daily Necessities

1) Toiletry set. It is best to have some. Because sometimes you will not be used to hotel shower gel shampoo, if you are too lazy to bring, in fact, you can buy it in the local shopping malls.


2) Be sure to bring your own cups. In the summer, you can't always drink cold water or spend money to buy beverage mineral water. Bring your own cups and it can be hygienic.


3) Small hair dryers, sunglasses, silk eye masks, sill masks, hats, hangers. They are best prepared by yourself. The role of wearing a silk eye mask is essentially to create a dark environment at night, because people's living rules are resting at night and sleep. In addition, the dark environment can also promote the body to secrete melatonin. If it is in the daytime, it must be in a very bright environment when sleeping at noon, so that the best sleep effect cannot be achieved, because the bright environment cannot allow the body to fully repair the nutrition, and is not conducive to sleep, so it is very beneficial to sleep when wearing eye masks during the day. 


4) You can carry your old silk underwear, silk tank tops, socks and towels when you go out, and you can discard them after use.

 silk eyemask

2. Cosmetics

You can bring a bottle of ordinary body lotion and sunscreen. If you are traveling for a short distance, you don't need to carry a suitcase for a long time, you can consider carrying a mask. During the flight, the air in the cabin is dry, and a water mask can be applied. After a long walk or sun exposure on the beach, the mask can also be used. Skin care products can be packed in portable vials and cans, and checked if they are tightened after each use.


As for sun protection, it is recommended to bring a sunscreen lotion and a bottle of highly anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreen spray. If the skin is allergic to ultraviolet rays, sunscreen and face towels are not enough, and you should bring a sunshade with a sunscreen coating. Girls on short trips can bring travel face wash, shampoo and shower gel, and on long trips it is recommended to bring soap-based shampoos, shower products and washable cleansers.


3. Medicine

Whether it is a short trip or a long trip, commonly used medicines are essential. For the convenience of carrying, the medicine packaging should be removed or sorted into pill boxes. It is recommended to prepare band-aid, cold medicine, anti-fever medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine and gastrointestinal medicine.


4. Clothing

1) Don't take too much, it's heavy! Summer is hot, you will basically change clothes every day, bring a clothesline, it is convenient to dry clothes, and it is recommended to take silk shirt, which are easy to dry. Some people may also choose to take washable silk shirt, long silk dress, silk night dress, etc.


2) Sports shoes, sandals, high heels. If you go out to play during the day, it is better to wear flat shoes, which is more convenient and comfortable. Sandals in summer is very necessary, you can step in the water and feel cool with them.


3) Pajamas or loose clothes. Silk pajamas are recommended, which are characterized by strong comfort, good absorption, moisture absorption, sound absorption and dust absorption. You can also choose the silk pajama shirt. 


4) Take a long-sleeved jacket even in summer, just in case.


5. Package

1) A sturdy shoulder bag or a suitcase that can be towed away (it is best to bring only one, if you need bring more things, buy a large suitcase or the largest bag, which is more convenient)


2) Storage bags of different sizes: various items should be sorted and packed and stuffed into big bags


3) A wallet with a large space: a large wallet that can hold enough personal currency, bank cards, mobile phones, and ID cards.


6. Certificates and Bank Cards

1) ID card, visa, passport (foreigners): Nowadays, airplanes, trains, and hotels are registered under the identity verification system, so ID cards are one of the essential items no matter where you travel.


2) Cash, bank card: Some small notes and coins must be exchanged to prepare for small items or fees. When staying in a hotel or dining in a higher restaurant, of course, pay by credit card. In short, bring less cash and less jewelry to avoid exposing your money.


3) Various transportation and accommodation certificates and receipts for air tickets, train tickets, hotels, etc.

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