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What Necessary Items Will You Prepare in the Office?

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After work, life is basically two points and one line. Except for weekends and holidays, in fact, most of the day is spent in the office. At home, we choose slip silk pillowcases, pure silk duvets and silk bed sheets to help us relax and sleep well. As our second long-term living space, adding some items to it will help us work better. Today I will share with you some of my essential small items in the office.


Recommendation 1: Small green plants


Small green plants are placed in the office, which can dress up the space. We stay almost 8 hours a day faced to the computer, with monotonous simple office decoration style, if there is a green vegetation, you can look at the green plants when tired. It allows the whole body and spirit to relax and relieve eyestrain. Green plants can also purify the air. There are many office staff in a relatively small space and putting green plants can release oxygen, purify the air, and keep your head clear.


Recommendation 2: Eye Mask


Wearing an eye mask can create a good sleeping environment and avoid anxiety, irritability, or even insomnia due to light stimulation. It also improves eye microcirculation and eye fatigue, which is beneficial to our eyes. Office personnel facing the computer for a long time are prone to excessive brain use. Wearing eye masks can also reduce discomfort and improve work efficiency. There are many kinds of eye masks on the market. Because the skin around the eyes is relatively delicate, it is best to choose the natural and soft silk eye masks when choosing the eye mask. If you prepare a silk eye mask at your office, you can easily feel relaxed when having a rest at noon, which will offer your eyes the comfort of touching silk sheets.

 silk eyemask

Recommendation 3: Mouthwash


Do you also take a short lunch break every day after lunch and feel the whole mouth smell after getting up? This time you need a mouthwash to help you solve the problem. After lunch, cleaning your mouth with mouthwash will make your mouth feel refreshing in the afternoon and the mood of the whole person will be much better. Especially in the afternoon, if you meet with a customer at a meeting, it is also a kind of respect for others, which will increase your impression points. After all, if the smell in the mouth is too heavy, it will also make people uncomfortable.


Recommendation 4: Eye drops


Most white-collar workers in the office work on computers, and they feel almost blind after working for a long day. A bottle of eye drops is always available around you, and it is dripped during the break. Even if it is only a few minutes, the pressure on the eyes is greatly relieved, and the whole person will be much easier. Eye drops are good for soothing the eyes. There is no specific brand. The eye drops need to be used as soon as possible after opening the bottle, and replaced according to the instructions.


To sum up


Silk eye mask is one of my favorite office supplies, which actually lift the quality of life in the office. Silk has been used by our ancestors for a long time. Because its many advantages of natural, soft and nourishing skin, it has always been exclusive products of the nobles. With the development of the society, ordinary consumers can also own clothing made of silk satin fabric or silk crepe fabric. At our own home, we usually choose pure silk bedding, such as mulberry silk bed sheets, washable silk comforters and silk pillow covers to improve the comfort of our living.

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