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What good does silk bring to us?

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Silk is a special product of China. The ancient Chinese invented and mass-produced silk products. Silk is not only a simple and expensive clothing material, but also played an important monetary function in the long history. Many products made of silk fabric are more and more popular such as such as silk clothing, silk pillowcase, silk pajamassilk eye mask and so on.The significance that silk has brought to us can be listed as following.

1. Promote the Development of Textile Industry

The local silk culture has reacted to the local textile industry, and has carried out a series of innovations and reforms on the basis of the origin, thereby improving labor production efficiency, creating new fabric types and further enriching the silk culture. The contribution of Chinese silk to the world begins with the spread of silk technology in China along with the spread of silk. In addition to sericulture technology, silk and silk jacquard technology has also had a major impact on Western textile technology. Due to the ingestion of these technologies, Europe has greatly improved its own textile technology, which has led to many mechanical innovations. After being introduced to Europe, it not only had a great impact on the development of European silk weaving technology, but also had a great impact on the development of modern telegraph communication technology and even computer principles. The influence of foreign silk culture on the development and innovation of the local textile industry is even greater. After the formation of foreign silk culture, it has played an important role in promoting the development of China's textile industry, especially the modern machine textile technology, which has had a tremendous impact on the development of China's textile industry. 

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2. Promote the Development of Chinese Language and Literature

Silk culture has played a very important role in the generation and development of Chinese characters, which is reflected in the production and application of Chinese characters, such as mulberry, silkworm, pupa and its related characters. Most of these words are closely related to silk production. In addition, there are many idioms and allusions related to silk culture. Moreover, a large number of literary works also express emotions or reflect social reality by describing silk.

3. Promote the Derivation of Folk Culture

The folk culture in the silk culture is rich in color. The Chinese people’s worship of silkworms has a history of thousands of years. The myths and legends about silkworms have been endless for thousands of years. Many ballads, proverbs and dialects about silk culture accumulate strong folk color. Many social customs and life etiquette customs at age are related to silk culture

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4. Promote the Development of Arts and Crafts

Silk culture goes deep into all aspects of cultural life, which has a great influence on people's aesthetic taste, which in turn affects the art and even promotes the emergence of some new art categories. The invention of Chinese calligraphy and painting rice paper has a direct relationship with the ancient silk. In fact, the invention of paper is influenced by silk. The original intention of paper is the accumulation of silk in the process of rinsing, accumulating into A thin layer called paper. Inspired by this, people used fiber instead of silk fiber to make paper and became a major invention in China. Printing also originated in the silk industry. The invention of paper and printing greatly promoted the development of many art such as calligraphy and painting. 

5. Promote the Exchange and Integration of World Cultures

As one of the great inventions of ancient China, silk contributed a lot to the world civilization through the ancient Silk Road. At the same time, foreign culture also entered China through the Silk Road, making the local culture more rich. For example, Japan has repeatedly accepted Chinese immigrants to enter the country or send messengers to China to learn silk weaving technology. In addition, silk has also played a key role in the diplomacy of various countries as a peace messenger of various countries. Countries take silk trade or exchange silk as a breakthrough, it strengthened relations between countries, maintained peaceful and stable international relations, and provided good conditions and environment for the progress and development of world civilization.

China is the hometown of silk. Silk is one of the important characteristics of Chinese civilization. It has many connections with Chinese ceremonial systems, culture and art, customs, science and technology.

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