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What’s Head Band?

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A hair band is a decorative item used to fix hair. There is no fixed limit to its length and material. Lace, silk, fur, and what kind of hair band to choose depends entirely on your personal preference. The hair band can show the beautiful outline of the face and is loved by many girls.



Historical origin

The most popular way to trace the origin of the custom head band is to look back at the hair crowns of ancient Greece and Rome. Around 475 BC, the ancient Greeks wore crowns made of flowers, leaves, and gold, silver, and precious stones. They sang in groups to indulge in the celebration of the Dionysus, singing among the winners of the arena Triumph. Perfect body, flax-colored curls, and then decorated with exquisite and beautiful hair crown, this is a paradise for people to enjoy beauty.


Then, in the 1830s, European fashionable women tried to "abandon" their hats and directly used soft fabrics such as ribbons and laces to tie the buns, and then decorated them with floral ornaments and feathers to become modern woman head band style. The star-studded black and white Hollywood actresses in the 1930s, such as the charming Chinese actress Anna May Wong and the tempted Louis Brooks, are all generations of beautiful women with wide hair bands.


Wide hair bands became popular in the 1860s. The dressing method of this wide hair band is to put all the hair on one side and fix it with a rubber band. Then tie the hair band behind the bangs and temples, and then use the hair wax to scratch out the fluffy feeling behind the head. Finally, use a curling iron to curl the long hair below into a large curl or weave it into a fluffy twist braid. After such a dress, it will make people look tall and temperament.


At the 2004 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, Nicole Kidman brought the headband back to the top of the fashion again. Her slightly messy blond curly hair with a satin golden silk head band dumped sentient beings on the magnificent red carpet. Her hair band is made of silk and wool. Real silk is a high-grade fabric made of silk, decorated with satin. It has a glossy appearance and an extremely soft texture, which can emit a soft halo in the sun and add to your charm.


 silk head band

The effect

The hair band is a very easy-to-use decoration, even a simple hair band can be matched with a fashionable style. Different collocation methods will bring different visual effects. If you want to cover the hairline, a special hard fabric head band will be very practical, it will let you reveal a full forehead. The floral head band and princess style head band, woven from multiple strands of fabric are very suitable for elegant dress, which will make you look like a fairy in ancient Greek mythology.


Hair bands can be used not only for head decoration, but also for many catwalk shows and premieres. Designers and celebrities also use silk hair bands as neck or bag decorations to create a refreshing effect. This retro and elegant silk ornament can instantly enhance your temperament and taste, which must be equipped in every girl's jewelry box.

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