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What’s Scrunchie For Hair?

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Hair scrunchies is a kind of large tool for binding hair with cloth. There are leather bands in the cloth to support it. Coiling is a special technology of coiling hair into flat and cylindrical rings. Generally, it is carried out on the basis of forming curly hair after perm. According to the requirements of hairstyle modeling, new combination of curly hair is carried out to meet the needs of more changes in hairstyle. Which is the basic process of hairstyle modeling. As the coiling is carried out on the wet hair, the hair will remain elastic after drying, and various hairstyles will be formed after carding. According to the shape of hair circle, it can be divided into three kinds: flat hair scrunchies, vertical hair scrunchies and tube hair scrunchies.

 flat hair scrunchies,

1. Fair Scrunchies

Flat hair scrunchies is a kind of spiral flat hollow hair scrunchies. According to the different direction of the coiling, the flat hair scrunchies can be divided into two coiling methods: positive coiling and counter coiling. The combination of hair scrunchies is the basic method to form regular waves, which is widely used.


(1) Operation Method

① After shampooing, we need to wipe our hair properly and pick out a bunch of wet hair with a comb. The base of the hair is rhombic or triangular and the hair is combed smoothly.

② Then we hold the hair with our right hand, with the index finger of our left hand close to the root of the hair, and wrap the hair on the index finger of our left hand in a clockwise direction from the root to the tip of the hair to form a hair scrunchies that is flat on the hair.

③ After the hair scrunchies are set, we press the hair scrunchies with our thumb and middle finger, and then use the hairpin (fork) to penetrate into the hairpin to clamp the hairpin and the hair tip.


(2) Precautions

① The size of the diameter of the flat hair scrunchies determines the radian of the wave. The larger the diameter is, the smaller the diameter is.

② A regular wave is formed by a row of flat hair scrunchies.

③ On both sides of the head road, one side is full of positive discs and the other side is full of reverse discs, which are connected in the back, forming a symmetrical hair flow direction, suitable for petal and spiral hair styles.

④ The parallel arrangement of flat hair scrunchies forms flat waves and oblique arrangement forms oblique waves.

⑤Different arrangement of flat hair scrunchies forms different corrugations.

Flat hair scrunchies are arranged irregularly to form irregular hair flow direction, which is suitable for petal and spiral hair style.

⑦ According to the needs of hair style, you can coil all or part of the hair.


 silk hair scrunchies

2. Vertical Hair Scrunchies

The shape of vertical hair scrunchies is similar to that of plain hair scrunchies, but the root of flat hair scrunchies is inclined and the hair scrunchies is flat to the scalp. While vertical hair scrunchies stands on the hair root, and hair scrunchies stands on the scalp. Vertical hair scrunchies are generally used to curl the hair at the top and forehead to form high waves. There are two kinds of vertical hair scrunchies: positive and negative. The clockwise steering wheel is upright, and the counter clockwise steering wheel is counter upright.


(1) Operation Method

① First we need to pick up a bunch of hair near the forehead at the top, and then use the comb to straighten it up. Next, we use our left hand to lift the hair and bend it into an arc. Our right thumb and index finger make the hair into a standing hair circle with the tip in the center of the hair circle.

② Finally, we use our left hand fingers to hold the hair circle, use the fork to clamp the root of the hair circle, and fix the hair circle.            


(2) Precautions

① When the vertical hair scrunchies is on the top of the head, it should pay attention to the direction of the hair circle. If all back plate, hair towering hair back flow. If it is on both sides of the road, the hair will flow to both sides.

② Vertical hair scrunchies can also be found at the ends of both sides of the disc, forming an outward warping or an inward curling.



In our daily life, we can choose silk hair scrunchies to dish our hair. Pink silk scrunchie can leave a lovely impression on people. Black silk scrunchie expresses an elegant beauty. Red silk scrunchie and silk leopard scrunchie make you sexy and beautiful. Blue silk scrunchie is eye-catching. The touch of mulberry silk scrunchie and satin silk scrunchies is delicate and smooth.

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