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What’s Silk Slip Dress?

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Slip dresses are popular in summer because they are fashionable and cool. With the special advantages, silk slip dresses become the new trend. Now we will introduce you to the silk slip dress.


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Introduction of the Slip Dress


Slip means ‘miss’. As a clothing vocabulary, slip originally refers to petticoats, but as outer clothing, it became the slip dress. Slip also hints at some associations: wearing a slip dress is particularly risky, and it can slip off if you are not careful. Many fashionable girls in slip dress commercials deliberately let the thin slings gently slide down, stopping abruptly in the appropriate places, causing a more thrilling sexy effect.


Definition of the Slip Dress


The slip dress is a short, light dress, with the skirt mostly resting on the knee. It is a kind of clothing suitable for wearing in summer and with a high degree of flexibility. The slip dress was inspired by the petticoat and camisole originally used as underwear.


Matching of the Slip Dress


The main function of clothing matching is to self-cultivation and beautify our own image. There are a wide variety of slip dress. Most of the daily slip dresses are short dresses, and the skirts stop above the knee. This type of slip dress is cool and sexy, suitable for wearing on hot summer days.


The slip dress has high flexibility. In addition to the casual style, the long slip dress that extends to the calf and ankle can even be used as a formal dress to attend the event. Exquisite lace and suitable splicing cut can enhance the grade of slip dress.


The slip dress will cover the waistline and enhance the visual center of gravity. Many slip dresses visually have an ‘increasing height’ effect, effectively stretching the body. Paired with high heels, sandals, etc. can make the legs curve longer. In addition to high heels, jackets, necklaces and tights can also be combined with slip dresses to enhance layering.


The printed slip dress is cool and sexy, suitable for sweet girls, with simple and slim design, inadvertently revealing the charming atmosphere. Solid colored slip dresses will generally have a sexy feeling, especially black silk slip dresses. At this time, it is necessary to match the appropriate high heels and makeup to show elegance and sweetness.



Silk Slip Dress


The silk material is soft, with a faint soft light, and it has a kind of extravagance. Because of this, you may not be interested in it when you are young, but one day, you will find that only the luster of silk is good enough to match your charm. Vintage silk slip dresses are best choices for fashionable ladies.


As a luxurious fabric, silk, even if it is expressed in a minimalist design, does not make people feel too plain.


 91 silk satin slip dress

Occasions to Wear the Silk Slip Dress


Swaying out of the street. The long silk slip dress is really a must-have for lazy people, it is unique and beautiful with no need to think about how to wear. Matching strappy sandals on their feet can make the sight focus on the swaying skirt. You can just wear a 90s silk slip dress and walk on the street generously with the corners of your mouth swayed confidently, attracting envious eyes.


Stunning at dinner. The silk slip dress, because of the exquisite sense of material, has no stage fright even when it appears on formal occasions. Ivory silk slip dresses and champagne silk slip dresses are especially charming at dinner. Two thin straps bypass the collarbone, a bit dangerous and tempting. The one-word summary of the matching method of the silk slip dress is: thin. Choosing thin clavicle chains, thin lace-up shoes and other elements echo the elegant and light silk can be the best. The backless style is also very beautiful, the interlaced lace outlines the feminine grace, and the full back is more atmospheric. You can decide which one to try according to your body shape.


Staying at home. French women have always been elegant, and even choosing pajamas is not inattentive. They like silk night dresses the most. The silk color and soft texture blend with the female skin to form a perfect picture. Even if they wear a silk suit, they are used to hiding a silk night dress inside. The sense of freedom that flows freely through the curvature of the body makes people unconsciously relax and is more comfortable than sleeping naked. The silk satin slip dress is like a solidified aesthetic, it never binds, and allows every part of the body to stay where they like. Whether it's reading in bed or taking a nap on the sofa, it's light and comfortable, which makes people feel relieved.


It’s time for us to try a silk slip dress in this summer! I promise that you will enjoy it and attract others’ eyes once you put it on.

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