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What to Do If the Pillowcase Turns Yellow?

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Many people's quilts and pillows have been used for more than half a year. When we prepare to wash, we will find a problem: the quilt, especially the yellow marks on the pillow, cannot be cleaned by conventional methods. Why are there yellow spots on the pillowcase? How to deal with this situation?

Causes of pillowcase yellowing

1. One of the reasons for the yellow mark on the pillowcase is the chemical reaction between water, lactic acid, fatty acids, protein, salivary amylase and white fabric that we metabolize every night when we sleep. To tell the truth: sweat, saliva and fabric are mixed together leaving a yellow mark.

2. It may also be caused by moisture, especially in a climate where the rainy season is disturbed during spring and autumn. If the bed is placed in a humid place, the pillowcase will turn yellow, and if the moisture is severe, the pillowcase will mold.

What to do if pillowcases turn yellow?

The methods to handle the yellowing of pillowcases

1. Replace the cold water of the pillowcase with warm water, or evenly apply detergent such as dishwashing liquid on the yellowed part, but do not wash it away immediately, but put it in warm water and soak it in a dozen Minutes, this will allow the detergent to play a greater role in cleaning and care. Then we can use machine wash or hand wash method. If machine washing is used, then after adding a suitable detergent in the washing machine, adjust the washing machine to the soft mode, which will also protect the pillow to a certain extent.


2. White vinegar also helps with the yellowing of the pillowcase. White vinegar has strong cleaning ability. Mix white vinegar and water to a certain ratio, and then soak the yellow pillowcase in the prepared solution. After a few minutes of standing, rubbing with detergent will also restore the pillow to a clean look.

3. Toothpaste and baking soda can also solve the problem of yellowing of the pillowcase. Squeeze the toothpaste on the toothbrush, continue to sprinkle some baking soda powder on the surface of the toothpaste, and finally dip the yellow part of the pillowcase with water, brush it with the toothbrush, and repeat it several times to effectively solve the problem of yellow pillowcase.

4. Can blue ink whiten a yellowed pillowcase? We can wash the pillowcase first and then fill with half a basin of water, according to the ratio of water to beer two to one, pour in a third of the blue ink. Then immerse it in water for half an hour to wash it, you will notice that the yellow spots on the pillowcase are cleaned.

5. If it is a silk pillowcase, please pay attention to avoid alkaline detergents. Use neutral or silk detergents. Dark silk fabrics should be rinsed with water to avoid discoloration.

Have you learned how to properly handle the yellowing of pillowcases? Follow us to learn more about silk products.


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