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Why Are Silk Shirts so Popular?

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The shirt is a versatile item in every girl's wardrobe. Whether it is commuting, elegance, leisure or street, it can satisfy you and is enough to cope with different occasions. In this spring and summer, silk shirts, which belongs to silk clothing, are worth trying, comfortable and delicate to wear, and its material fits the curve, you can easily wear in a high-end fashion sense.

Advantages of silk

The biggest advantage of silk fabrics is that they are very skin-friendly. Natural silk has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. Compared with plant fibers such as cotton and hemp, the friction stimulation coefficient of the biological fiber to the human body is the lowest. The characteristics of the silk fiber determine that it has extremely strong breathability and moisture absorption, and can quickly radiate the sweat and heat discharged from the human body, so people will feel refreshing when wearing silk, which is very suitable for spring and summer wear. Silk fabrics also have good printing and dyeing properties, and are particularly easy to color. For example, there are red silk shirt, black silk blouse, grey silk shirt womens and other colors.


Principles of Matching Silk Shirts

Many celebrities prefer to choose silk items as jerseys on the red carpet. Silk gives a solemn and charming feeling. Shirts are a must-have item in spring, and silk shirts are also indispensable. Let's introduce you how to wear silk shirts.


Silk shirt skirt

For lazy girls, the silk shirt skirt is the most labor-saving way to wear, just like the T-shirt skirt. Choose a silk shirt dress of sufficient length, put on a long silk scarf, you can go out as soon as you wear it, simple and fashionable!


Silk shirt + suit

Silk shirts and suits can be said to be the best CP! The delicate sense of the silk can reconcile the old-fashioned and formal sense of the suit jacket, so that the entire shape looks softer. Compared with cotton and linen shirts, silk shirts are more textured, which can make the entire line of the suit softer and increase the sense of good quality. At this time, paired with a silk scarf, it is very fashionable.

 silk shirt women

Silk shirt + slim skirt

The matching of the silk shirt and the middle skirt can reflect the high-grade sense of silk, and it looks sexier. The red silk shirt is paired with a red printed slim skirt. When paired with a 100 silk scarf, it shows the gentleness of all kinds of styles, with a sense of retro but not old-fashioned!


Silk shirt + ankle skirt

In addition to matching with the middle skirt, matching with the long skirt is also a good choice! Hot mom Victoria wore a caramel-colored silk shirt + half-length skirt, with black high-heeled boots at the bottom, a black bag in hand, and a silk scarf, showing a strong sense of superiority and feminine, plus the personalized design of the skirt itself making the overall shape look more coordinated.


Silk shirt + shorts

The silk shirt is very suitable for summer wear, its silky touch can bring a hint of coolness to the hot summer, and it feels very refreshing to wear. Pair it with sexy shorts or short skirts, pair your lower body with a pair of comfortable sneakers, and reveal big long legs. It is definitely the best summer wear! At the same time, mature silk shirts and street-like shorts combine to show another neutral beauty!

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