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Why Choose Silk Quilt Cover?

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Why Choose Silk Quilt Cover?


Silk quilt, is made of 100% silk fabric. The silk component is natural mulberry silk, and the mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can increase the vitality of the human body and has the characteristics of anti-mite, antibacterial and anti-allergy. Mulberry silk is a pure natural protein fiber, keeps cool in winter and warm in summer, and can play a role in skin care, beauty and moisturizing.


Silk quilt is a kind of bedding that follows the Chinese tradition. It has a historical charm and a sense of nobility. Many consumers will buy it. This article will introduce silk quilt cover from four aspects: silk quilt cover fabric, silk quilt cover advantages and disadvantages, how to wash silk quilt cover, and how much silk quilt cover.


1. Silk quilt fabric


Silk quilts are generally woven from silk or silk mixed with other materials. It can be said that the quality of silk quilt cover is good or not, the content and quality of silk plays a great role. The following are some common silk quilt fabrics.


(1) Double crepe: In ancient times, crepe represented a kind of fabric. Double crepe is the name of a textile technique, and does not mean that two wrinkles will appear on the fabric. The surface of the double crepe fabric is not flat and has a natural wrinkle feeling. It is shaped by high temperature and actually has good wrinkle resistance. The double-crepe fabric has high color saturation, tight textile, and is not easy to hook.


(2) Sangbo satin: This is a silk jacquard fabric commonly used in high-end home textiles. It is characterized by a clear satin texture and antique, often giving people a sense of abundance and nobility.  Sangbo satin is not easy to depreciate, does not fade after washing, and is relatively soft and thick.


(3) Elastin crepe: Its fabric composition is 90% ~ 95% mulberry silk plus 5% ~ 10% spandex, which is a new fabric. As the name implies, elastin crepe has good elasticity, smooth touch, is not easy to shrink, wrinkle, and drape is quite good.


(4) Warp knitting: This is also a high-end fabric. It is made of high-tech technology. Pure silk, which is soft, comfortable and expensive. There are also many warp knitted fabrics made of silk mixed with other fiber materials.


2. Advantages of silk quilt cover


(1) The textile made of silk can effectively protect human skin. Silk has a variety of amino acids required by the human body. When people use silk quilts, the amino acids in the silk can enter the human skin, which is beneficial to nourish the skin and make the human skin smooth and shiny.


(2) The density of silk is small, and there are many gaps in it, which can absorb carbon dioxide in the air, so that the body's heat is taken away, keep it cool, and reduce the chance of harmful bacteria on the skin. At the same time, these gaps can also absorb water molecules, so that the silk quilt can absorb moisture in a humid environment and release moisture when it is dry, maintaining a sweat-absorbent and breathable function.

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(3) In addition, silk has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays, which can filter ultraviolet rays to prevent the remaining ultraviolet rays in the quilt from harming human skin.


3. Disadvantages of silk quilt cover


The disadvantage of silk quilt covers is that they are easily scratched by wire or sharp objects, and are difficult to repair. Silk quilts are also more troublesome for cleaning and care than ordinary quilts.


4. How to wash silk quilt cover


Since the silk quilt cover is relatively soft, do not wash it too frequently during care. When there is no peculiar smell, just put it in the sun and ventilate it for a while. If it must be cleaned, it must be dry cleaned. If there is no way to dry-clean, do not use acid and alkaline detergents when cleaning, use neutral detergents. It is best to wash with cold water, the water temperature should be kept below 30 ℃. Nor can the silk quilt be immersed in water for a long time. Generally, it should be lifted out within 5 minutes, squeezed out and dried in the shade.


5. How much is the silk quilt cover


The raw material silk for silk quilts is relatively expensive, and its exquisite manual craftsmanship and high cost, so silk quilts belong to comparative consumer products. The price of high-grade silk quilt cover is 1400 ~ 2000 RMB when it is purchased in one piece, and it is 2500 ~ 4500 RMB when it is purchased with four sets (one bed sheet, one quilt cover and two pillowcases) together.


The material, fabric, purchase, maintenance, and cleaning of silk quilts are all learned, and there are many doorways. Knowing the fabric of silk quilt cover will make you more comfortable when buying silk quilt cover.


Silk is an ecologically non-polluting natural fiber. It has unique properties that are irreplaceable for other fibers and processed products and unparalleled vitality. After dyeing and weaving various colorful silk fabrics, it is easier to sew and process into various high-grade ready-to-wear and interior decorations, tourist souvenirs and many arts and crafts.

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