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Why Do We Choose the Pure Cotton Quilt Cover or Silk Quilt Cover for the Silk Quilt?

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Products made from real silk are very expensive and delicate. In terms of silk quilt, it is necessary to match with the quilt cover of the pure cotton or the real silk, otherwise, it will be damaged. In the following, we will give the reasons specifically.


1. Reasons

First of all, when making the quilt core of the silk quilt, most manufacturers use the manual fixed-point method. Therefore, the best choice of the quilt cover material is the cotton material, which is not only healthy and natural, but also easy to bond with the outer quilt cover. In addition, we should choose the material with light, thin and soft texture, but the density requirement should be higher, so that the silk fabric should not be drilled out. This kind of quilt cover is comfortable, which is the best choice of silk quilt liner.


Secondly, the color of the inner quilt cover should not be too bright. Its color should be light color to prevent the inner color appearing after the outer quilt cover is put on. Not all pure cotton fabrics are the best. Due to the different technology and brand, the quilt cover with pure cotton texture also has advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the twill fabric of pure cotton is better in summer, because this kind of fabric is more comfortable and breathable.


Finally, some people think that the real silk quilt cover is more comfortable to use. The quilt cover made of silk fabric can provide comfortable and breathable effect. It is cooler than pure cotton in summer. However, such silk quilt covers are so expensive that few people will choose them. Therefore, we suggest that you can choose pure cotton fabric, which is affordable and comfortable.


2. Air Drying of the Silk Quilt Cover

In summer, the sun temperature is relatively high, and the best time to dry the silk fabric is before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. every day. The drying time should be limited within one or two hours, and the drying frequency is once or twice per month.


In spring and autumn, the drying time can be longer, 2 or 3 hours is the best. In winter, we can choose the best time to have more sun. In the north, the silk cloth is dried once a month, while in the south, the silk clothing is dried twice a month.


From May to October, we should not put the real silk out in the sun at noon, because too much sun exposure will damage silk quilt cover. After basking each time, we should remember to pat gently with hand, which can maintain its fluffy feeling and warmth. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of the silk quilt.


If silk quilt is not used for a long time, it also needs to be dried. We should pat gently with our hands while drying to keep it fluffy. According to the local temperature, humidity, sunlight intensity and personal habits, the specific way of drying the silk clothing can be reasonably arranged. It is worth mentioning that silk fabric is not suitable for long-term exposure.

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