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How to Wash the Silk Quilt Cover?

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The quilt cover is made of a variety of materials, including the cotton, cotton polyester and rayon and so on. Among them, the silk fabric is an expensive but comfortable material. Obviously, washing the silk quilt cover needs carefulness and patience, which is of great significance. Therefore, we will share some methods about the ways to wash the silk quilt cover.


1. Can the Silk Quilt Cover be Washed by the Machine

It's better not to use the washing machine to clean the silk quilt cover and dry it. Because silk cloth is more expensive and easy to be damaged by the washing machine, we should avoid using the washing machine. If we need to use the washing machine, we should choose the soft mode and use the special washing bag to cover the silk quilt, so as to avoid the friction between the quilt cover and the washing machine shell.


2. How to Wash the Silk Quilt Cover

The frequency of cleaning the silk quilt cover should not be too high. If the silk quilt cover has smell, you can put it in a ventilated place rather than expose it directly to the sun. Unless the silk quilt cover is stained, we suggest not cleaning it frequently.



Real silk is as good as human skin in terms of slight acidity, so we should not use alkaline detergent or soap for cleaning. A small amount of neutral detergent is enough. We should remember not to use washing powder, soap and other washing products. After washing, the real silk should be soaked in water with a few drops of acetic acid for a few minutes, so as to make the silk fabric bright and lustrous.


The silk quilt cover is better washed by hand, and the washing temperature should be below 30 ℃. Mix the detergent in water by hand before putting the real silk into it, soak it in water for no more than five minutes, then use our hands to gently scrub and rinse it. And we should not wring the silk quilt cover. At the same time, hang it in the shade to dry. 


3. How to Maintain the Silk Quilt Cover

We should not put the products of silk fabric in the damp or the direct sunlight, so as not to cause mildew and discoloration. When placing the silk cloth, we should avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other things directly infected with it. If it is accidentally stained, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the silk quilt cover will turn yellow or black easily.


When storing, the silk quilt cover can be folded flatly and put in the drawer. We can also hang the quilt cover on the smooth hanger. In addition, silk cloth tends to harden after a long time. We can use silk softener or white vinegar diluent to soak it to restore softness.


Silk fabric should be put in the sun before it is placed. Silk products of different colors should be separated by paper to prevent discoloration. When white silk products are placed, they should be wrapped with blue paper to ensure that they do not change color. If wrapped with white paper, it will turn yellow. In addition, real silk is a kind of natural fiber, so it is not suitable for long-term storage in plastic bags.


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