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The International overview of Silk

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Silk is a special product of China. The ancient Chinese invented silk products and produced in a large scale. Since the Western Han Dynasty, Chinese silk has been shipped abroad in large numbers and has become a world-famous product. In this article we will introduce the international overview of silk.

Industry Adjustment Changes the Setup of Silk Production

1. Gradient transfer of silk production

In terms of total volume, the production in developing countries such as China, India, Brazil, Vietnam, and Thailand has developed rapidly, while the production in developed countries such as Italy, France, Japan, and South Korea has fallen sharply.

2. Silk Production Tends to be Multi-polarized

There are 65 countries and regions in the world produce silk, as the world's largest Chinese silk industry, the annual output of silk is 440,000 tons, and the highest year has reached 700,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the world's total output. India's silk production has developed rapidly and has replaced Japan as the world's second largest silk producer.

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Science and Technology Innovation Guides the Trend of Silk Consumption

1. Production technology is intensive

Japanese researchers have developed a low-cost artificial feed with tofu residue as the main component, breaking the production setup of sericulture produced on a seasonal basis for thousands of years, and producing silk with good whiteness. The yarn output rate is high, and the yarn can be directly twisted. At the same time, the "cloning silkworms" produced by advanced technologies in the world, as well as gene transfer technology, new protein materials, artificial spray-spun silk, etc., will eventually replace the traditional silkworm cocoon production methods.

In terms of industrial production, developed countries such as Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea have used their comprehensive scientific and technological advantages to continuously innovate in the deep processing technology of silk products and are in a leading position in the international market. The United States, Switzerland, Spain and other countries have strong strength in the development of filament fiber raw materials and silk technology equipment, guiding the development trend of new silk technology in the 21st century. In many countries, in addition to retaining some traditional processes, the production process has continued to evolve in a technology-intensive manner, moving toward automation, high-speed, and electronic.

2. Diversification of silk products

The trend of international silk new technology development is to make the silk application advance together in industrial, decoration, military, cosmetic, medical and other fields. Japan, Italy, the United States and other advanced silk producing countries have made major breakthroughs in research on the comprehensive utilization of silk. In addition to silk clothing, silk pillowcase, silk pajamas, silk eye mask, Japan also uses silk to develop automotive decorative materials, contact lenses, artificial skin and so on. At the same time, real silk, artificial silk, and synthetic fiber are multi-integrated, and various raw materials are blended and coated to make the types of fibers more abundant.

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3. Make the clothing more fashion

Silk fabrics are closely related to fashion trends, regardless of fabrics, textures, patterns and styles. Silk art represents the fashion, popularity and environmental trends of the silk industry. The technological research and development of new functional silk fabrics has made a major breakthrough, conforming to the development trend of diversified, composite and fashionable silk products in the international market, and promoted the upgrading of silk products. 

The crowding market exacerbates competition in silk trade

With the increase of the world's population, the adjustment of the silk industry structure and the innovation of science and technology, coupled with the deepening of people's understanding of natural silk products, silk consumption will continue to grow steadily. However, with the integration of the global economy and China's accession to the WTO, competition in the silk market will become increasingly fierce.

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