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The Most Complete List of Necessary Items for Flying

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The Most Complete List of Necessary Items for Flying

It is important to learn how to pack your luggage before travelling, but the premise is that you need to know what you need to bring and what you don’t need to bring. Today we prepare a list of items that must be brought before the flight to help you avoid pits in advance, so that you will never be troubled by bringing less or useless things from now on.


1. Travel Pillow

Generally speaking, U-shaped pillow is the first choice for many people to fly. However, according to the suggestion of the author of time + leisure travel, you can consider trying T-pillow. In fact, it is a scarf-like pillow whose shape can be changed at will. When using, you can change the shape according to your favorite sleeping position, so it will bring users a better experience. You can also take a pure silk pillowcase for you travel pillow, it will make you feel comfortable. You can also prepare some silk clothes for yourself, which is soft and comfortable.


2. Eye Mask

If there is a very comfortable eye mask, it will not only be very comfortable to use, but also make the long and uncomfortable sleeping of the aircraft exceptionally comfortable. The choice of the eye mask is also very particular. It is best to choose natural and soft silk eye masks. When wearing the eye mask, it must be tight and well-ventilated. Too loose is easy to fall off during sleep, making the eyes stimulated by light. Too tight is easy to press the nerves around the eye and affect blood circulation. 

 silk eyemask

3. Stretch Socks

If the flight time of your plane will exceed 4 hours, it is necessary to wear a stretch sock before boarding. Not only can it help you relieve the lack of blood circulation in your legs due to prolonged sitting, it can also make you fall asleep faster.


4. Noise-cancelling Headphones

The headphones is really a perfect match for flying.


5. Earplugs

When flying, most people don't want to wear headphones all the time while sleeping. However, the surrounding environment with sound may prevent you from going to sleep quickly. Earplugs are the key to help you sleep. After all, the plane is a public place. If you are a person who needs to be quiet to fall asleep, turning headphones into earplugs can no longer be perfect.


6. iPad Mini

You really needs to find something to pass the time during the long flight, the most suitable entertainment facility is the iPad Mini.

Before the plane takes off, download a few episodes of new TV series or a few niche movies. Compared with other electronic devices in size, weight and thickness, iPad Mini is more suitable for traveling.


7. Wet Wipes

The plane is a place with high incidence of disease transmission, and people from all over the world will sit in your seat every day. Therefore, don't take this risk, wipe it with a wet tissue before sitting in your position. The wet tissue produced by a good brand has a strong sterilization function.


8. Lip Balm

During the long flight, lip balm can prevent problems such as chapped lips and dehydration caused by dryness in the cabin.


9. First Aid Medical Kit

It is necessary to carry a medical bag when going out. You must know that being in a different place and with language differences, it is a difficult thing to want to be treated in the hospital in the first time. Here is a list for everyone: painkillers, eye drops, allergies, bandages, sleep aids, probiotics, vitamins, aspirin, wound plasters, etc.


10. Conversion Plug

The conversion plug must be one of the essential items for most people to travel. In different countries, the standards of plugs are different, and you may have realized that you need prepare many kinds of conversion plugs.


11. Travel Wallet

When traveling, basically everyone must carry many valuables such as cash, passports, air tickets, bank cards, keys and so on. Therefore, in order to ensure that items are easier to find and use, a multi-functional travel wallet should be a must-have item for everyone who travels frequently.


12. Passport Copy and Personal Photo Copy

As mentioned above, the passport is the most important item in international travel. Carrying a passport copy with you can effectively prevent your passport from being lost.


In addition to the above items, of course you also need to prepare clothes. You must have noticed that I mentioned a lot of silk products, yes, I like silk products very much, so I personally recommend that you bring silk clothes, such as silk tops, jigsaw silk shirt, silk button down shirt, cream silk blouse, etc.

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