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What is a Camisole?

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Camisole is popular because of its coolness and simplicity. According to the fabric, it can be divided into cotton camisole, silk camisole, chiffon camisole, etc. There are many kinds of camisoles, and the wearing method is different. Let us follow this article to learn more about camisoles. 

Introduction to the camisole

The camisole is one of the must-have items for girls, and the summer is the season when we can wear a camisole. Sling clothes are usually divided into two categories: one is a camisole and the other is a suspender dress. The cute sexy camisole can reflect the vitality of women.

The camisole is the most fashionable with soft and elegant fabrics. There are various translucent fabrics such as knit, silk and chiffon. The camisole has a smooth line and a soft texture. Whether you are dating a boyfriend or a friend, a silk camisole can make you look sexy and fashionable. 

Features of camisole

Silk camisole not only makes you feel cool in the summer, but also matches well with other clothes. Paired with a formal small suit, or a large V-neck sweater can complement each other. The color is also colorful and there are many choices. You can prepare several camisoles in different colors and styles. The diversified collocation rules will bring the fresh and free atmosphere of the girl throughout the year. 

women camisole

Matching way of camisole

There are many camisole matching ways, the following for your reference.

1. Outdated way: wear a T-shirt first, then wear a camisole, so that it is absolutely dense and absolutely old-fashioned.

2. Conservative way: wear a camisole inside, then wear a suit or a knit sweater, which is suitable for the office workers or in cold days, and people who are not confident enough about their figure.

3. Implied way: wearing a camisole and a transparent shirt, which creates a vague effect, it is the most popular wearing method these years, because it looks very feminine. 

silk camisole

4. Bold method: wear a silk camisole alone, show off the shoulders, and give full play to the superiority of the camisole. Many girls still don't dare to wear this way, and people who are not well-dressed and have poor skin color can't wear it like this.

If you wear a silk camisole, you can wear trousers and skirts, but the sexiest method is to wear an ultra-short hot pants to minimize the fabric on your body.


The silk camisole is cool and sexy. However, many people who like to wear a camisole often have a sore shoulder feeling, especially when they are breezy in the cool air or in a low-temperature air-conditioned room. The shoulder pain will be particularly noticeable. You can relieve the pain by applying heat, massage or lying down. However, please note that repeated shoulder cooling can cause muscle edema, damage and adhesions. If you do not pay attention to protection and exercise, the age change will cause various shoulder diseases. Therefore, when wearing a camisole, you should keep warm to prevent cold.

Do you like to wear a silk camisole? Do you know how to match a silk camisole? Follow us on the next article to tell you how to match.

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