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10 Bad Habits Hurt Your Hair Most

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If girls want to show off their most beautiful appearance, a black hair can play a key role, which will definitely attract a lot of attention. But it's not easy to have a beautiful hair. Do you have any of the following habits to hurt your hair? If there is, your hair is bound to go wrong!

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Frequent Use Of Hair Dryer

If the moisture content of hair is reduced below 10%, the hair will become rough and bifurcated, which is the consequence of using a hair dryer frequently. The best way to dry your hair naturally. As for those who often go to the beauty salon, please ask the hairdresser to take the hair dryer far away, do not blow it against the scalp, and the time should not be too long.

Styling When Hair Is Wet

Although wet hair is easier to do hair modeling, but in fact, it causes more damage to hair than dry hair. Therefore, we must apply styling products after the hair is completely dry, because wet hair is relatively fragile. If you really don't have time to dry it and don't want to distribute it, please use thin silk Scrunchies

Or mini silk Scrunchies for simple modeling.

Put On Too Much hair Care Cream

When the hair is dry and lack of luster, many people think that more hair care products can solve the problem. In fact, too much conditioner will only burden the hair. If you want to apply it, you'd better just put it on the top of your hair.


Rubbing Your Hair After Washing

Rubbing with towel will only make hair dry and astringent. You should wrap your hair with a dry towel and press gently. The dry towel will naturally absorb the moisture on your hair.


Use A Wrong Hair Band

Hair bands are almost necessary for all girls. They are also full of knowledge in selection. Rubber hair band can cause fracture and damage to hair. Using slip silk scrunchies or satin silk scrunchies can avoid such damage.

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The More Shampoo Foam, The Better

Many people think that the stronger the shampoo, the more shampoo the foam, the cleaner the hair will wash. In fact, it will make the hair drier. The foam of shampoo should not be excessive, and we should be gentle when shampooing.


Sleep With A Curl

The hair is curled up in the curl, bearing the weight and pressure of the whole night. It is inevitable that the hair will be damaged in this way, so this method is not advisable. Girls can use silk sleep scrunchies or mini silk scrunchies to fix their hair.


Dry Your Hair Rudely With A Towel

When you wipe your hair, it will hurt the roots and ends of your hair if you jerk it carelessly. The best way is to pat your hair and let it dry faster. This method may be time-consuming, but it can minimize the damage to hair.


No Breaks For Hair

If you are the one who needs to apply hair wax or hair gel every day, please try to leave your hair a rest time of two days a week, and remember to clean your hair before going to bed, so as to form a healthy scalp and hair quality.


If Perm Doesn't Work, Do It Again

When the new perm is unsatisfactory, some people will try again. This will do great damage to the hair.


The advantage of silk hair scarf scrunchie is that it will not pull the hair and scalp. The smooth texture can make the hair smooth and shiny to prevent the hair from breaking and damage due to twisting and pulling. Best silk hair ties can not only care for your hair, but also has a variety of color choices. Silk leopard scrunchie and silk satin scrunchie can also add luster to your life.

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