silk clothing for women
Better Silk, Better Life.
Ten years' experience and ideas, 
just to bring you the best silk.
Let the world know the beauty of silk.
silk clothing for women
Feel your second skin
of 100% natural silk
silk eye mask
Obsessed with it
Best real silk beddings, 
give you comportable sleepling experience.
silk fabric
Natural pollution free
Environment friendly degradable silk.
silk clothing provider Support Test
5*5cm palm sample is included with the clothes
In addition to custom samples

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Specialist in silk.

About Us

Ten years' experience and ideas, just to bring you the best silk.


High Quality

  15 years of professional clothing manufacturer experience.
  High standards of labor skills.
  Fabric inspection is performed before cutting, and all our products are fully inspected online and offline.
  A professional inspection report will be provided before shipment.

Strong Design Team

  There are about 100 new design recommendations every quarter.
  With a strong women's clothing supply chain, our fabric factory will develop new fabrics according to the designer's requirements, such as jacquard quality and printed artwork.
  You can just send some pictures to make a sample.

Quality Service

  5*5cm fabric palm-like.
  Procurement of fabrics and accessories.
  Printing and embroidery washing.
  Quality Control.
  After-sales service.
  Good daily communication.

Why choose Pengfa

We provide true silk.

Pengfa carefully listens to the needs of every customer, timely completes the customers‘ requirements, and provides quality management for each production link and perfect after-sales service.
In order to show our strength and credibility, we provide a free 5*5cm palm-sized same-fabric sample that can do a variety of real silk verification such as fire test, and avoid damage to clothes at the same time.
Guaranteed to be silk

we provide palm samples to verify silk
Quick Sampling
Prompt Response
On time delivery
After-sales service


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Real silk

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