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How to Choose Sports Head Band?

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How to Choose Sports Head Band?

Whether you are a man or woman, if you want to exercise comfortably, in addition to wearing professional sportswear, you must have professional equipment to absorb a lot of sweat on your forehead, so as to avoid flowing into your eyes and fixing your hair. At the same time, it can also prevent hair from sticking to the face and covering the eyes after sports sweating, which hinders normal movement, especially for people with long hair. Sports head bands are such a product. The sports head band has functions of fixing hair and absorbing sweat.
7 Jan 2019
Head band style
Head bands can be divided into narrow strip type, wide strip type and all-inclusive head band type according to the type of style.

Narrow strip type: It is mainly worn on the forehead or the root of the head curtain to isolate the head curtain. It has a small pressure effect on the hair and a fixed range, which does not hurt the hair and hairstyle. It has a high degree of comfort, but the effect of the hair bundle is weak, and the sweat absorption effect is small.

Wide strip type: It can cover almost the entire forehead, good sweat absorption, and can isolate the head curtain, but the pressure area is larger. If worn for a long time, the hair is easily deformed, and there are obvious signs of creasing.

All-inclusive head band type: It can wrap the entire front head hair inside, with the best hair binding effect and decorative. But the pressure on the head curtain is greater, and the hairstyle changes seriously.

7 Jan 2019
Purchase according to elasticity
Fully elastic: It is easy to pick and put on, its size is determined by its material elasticity, but the inner ring size is not easy to grasp when buying. When buying according to the size of the head circumference, it must also consider its elasticity. After such products have been used for a long period of time, the elasticity of the material is weakened and easy to relax, and the original hair effect is lost.

Semi-elastic: Elastic band is located at the back of the brain, and the material of the wrapped part is inelastic, which can reduce the shortcomings of weakening and laxity of the product after long-term use. Because part of the elastic band is stitched and sewn, so the long-term use, the probability of joint opening thread is greater, and the sewing process requirements are higher.

Non-elastic: The size is stable and not easy to deform, but the size cannot be adjusted. Need to try on the size of the size when buying.
Terry cloth: The material composition is blended with cotton and elastic fiber. It is the best sports headband for comfort and sweat absorption. But because it is a terry cloth, there are many coils on the surface, so it is easy to be hooked and cannot be repaired. The amount of sweat during exercise is large. Due to the characteristics of the material, sweat stains and other stains are not easy to clean, and they are easy to fade and change color. They will lose their original luster after long-term use.

Silicone: The material is soft and comfortable, not afraid of water, but has no sweat absorption function. Instead, it guides the forehead sweat to the sides of the head through the sweat guide groove to avoid flowing into the eyes. It is relatively dirty and difficult to clean. There is a velcro design inside the silicone strip on the back of the head, which can be adjusted at will, but easy to stick to the hair.

Polyester fabric: It has good abrasion resistance, is not easy to deform and pilling. Because of its quick-drying properties, it has good air permeability, but low moisture absorption and comfort, so it generally has cotton sweat-absorbent strips inside and has a non-slip effect.

Silk: The silk head band is made of silk charmeuse. Silk charmeuse is a luxury fabric made from silk with a satin finish. It has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture.

Purchasing Tips
The use of head bands for women is much more than that for men. For example, if women wear women head bands when exercising, they should pay attention to their skin quality. People with allergic skin are advised to choose cotton and silicone hairbands. Don't choose hair bands with high elastic content, chemical fiber materials such as polyester and hydrogen snake. After exercising, if you want to do a spa, remember to wear a spa head band, because it can reduce a lot of trouble for women and save a lot of time.

Men also wear head bands in their lives, especially when exercising, it happens that their hair is longer, it is easier to cover the field of vision, and affect the effect of their own sports. At this time, wearing a man head band or sports head band is a good choice.

In other occasions, we will also use headbands. You can choose some other types of headbands that are suitable for the time. For example, wearing make up head bands when wearing makeup, thereby saving time and effect of makeup, wearing anti-sweat head bands during exercise, There are also lace head bands, satin head bands and so on. If you don't like some head band in sale, you can customize a custom headband.