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Silk is known as "the second skin of human body" for its features: skin-friendly, pollution-free, sun protection, warmth in winter and cool in summer, etc. In order to let more person enjoy the luxury silk on skin, Pengfa is devoted to proving truly superior silk products to the world.

Sherry, the founder of Pengfa, insists that Pengfa only makes the best silk. She has been engaged in the silk industry since she graduated from college. Her ten years' working experience not only enables her to know the knowledge and technology of silk, but also gives her a deep understanding of the silk market.So she knows how to make the best silk.

The world's best silk is in Yunnan, China, which known as a paradise on earth.It has the original sericulture areas. Sherry chosesYunnan 6A silk material for Pengfa. From cocoons to yarns, then woven into various greige fabirc, then dyed and printed into customized fabrics. Pengfa takes every step seriously. "China has the best silk in the world, and Pengfa's belief is to provide the best silk products to the whole world" Sherry said.

The founder of Pengfa is strict to the silk quality ,thus she set up a complete quality management system . From the beginning of the design and sampling, She will give professional advices on the customized style to avoid the problems that may occur later. She also builds an experienced after-sales team. These management systems supporting the founder's ideas make Pengfa silk favored by customers from all over the world. She hopes that Pengfa's better silk will make people's life much better.

Let people all over the world know the beauty of silk and make the "Chinese style" silk products more international.
Main Products & Customization
We are excited to support up and coming fashion lables and cater for both large and small volume clothing orders whether you are a modest boutique requiring as few as 50 pieces or a high-volume retailer needing to supply multiple outlets,our manufacturing team can meet your demands.


professional and comprehensive service and the ability to keep up with the trend, our products have been recognized by our customers, and we have maintained a long-term relationship with our customers. Every year, there will be returned customers asking if we have new products online.
With advancedequipment

and diverse product lines, we can produce a wide variety style of silk clothing, such as dresses, blouses, sleepwear, t-shirts, etc.

Pengfa’s raw materials are selected from real silk in Yunnan, which is the necessary station of Southern Silk Road in ancient China. The long history of planting mulberries, sericiculture, filature and weaving contributes it to the best silk around the world. Silk produced in Yunnan has a good reputation both at home and abroad because of its exquisite workmanship, bright color and beautiful design.

All of the newly produced crepe satin and jacquard crepe de chine are made of pure silk under strict technology. The silk products feature with soft luster and firm smoothness, and it’s regarded as the high-grade product in silk.

What’s more, the characteristics of straightness, good resilience, wrinkle-proof and breathability, as well as the different organizational structures designs in different seasons make Pengfa’s silk products very popular with customers.

Quality & Technology

Pengfa always uses the highest grade 6A silk material to weave various kinds of fabric and dyed or printed with reactive and eco-friendly dye-stuffs conformed with international standard test.Meanwhile, all our fabric will be preshrunk with high temperature in order to ensure that the finished garments will not shrink after ironing or washing.

Choose Pengfa to Make Life Better

High Quality

15 years of professional clothing manufacturer experience.

High standards of labor skills.

Fabric inspection is performed before cutting, and all our products are fully inspected online and offline.

Fabric inspection is performed before cutting, and all our products are fully inspected online and offline.

A professional inspection report will be provided before shipment.

Strong Design Team

There are about 100 new design recommendations every quarter.

With a strong women's clothing supply chain, our fabric factory will develop new fabrics according to the designer's requirements, such as jacquard quality and printed artwork.

You can just send some pictures to make a sample.

Quality Service

5*5cm fabric palm-like.

Procurement of fabrics and accessories.

Printing and embroidery washing.

Quality Control.

After-sales service.

Good daily communication.