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Guides on Style up Your Wide Leg Trousers

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Guides on Style up Your Wide Leg Trousers


Wide leg trousers were once very popular in the 1980s. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular among people.Wide leg trousers have the same width from the thigh to the bottom. In normal life, wide leg trousers look approachable , casual and perfectly suit for petite girls as well as the girls with thicker legs.Now we will introduce some kinds of silk wide leg trousers to give you some guides on how to choose the ones that suit you best and how to form your own wearing style.


Silk Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg trousers are popular items, so if you want to be different from others, you can choose from various material. Silk wide leg pants are made of silk. This material has the characteristic of smooth and light, thus wearing silk wide leg trousers can make people looks more gentle and mature. If you are office worker of white-collar worker in company and aged about 25-40, white silk trousers or loose silk pants are both good choices for you. Of course you can choose other colours that you like to match your clothes.

High Waisted Silk Trousers

High waisted silk trousers is another kinds of silk trousers, its biggest advantage is high waisted design. High waist design can increase people’s height visually and can built perfect proportion of you body. Therefore, it is particularly suit the girls in short stature cause it can make their height shortcomings be covered by clothes. High waisted silk trousers are also very fashion , many super stars and actress love this kind of trousers. If you are going to take some fashionable photos or you want to wear casually, this kind of trousers will meet your need.


Pure Silk Trousers

Pure silk is known as the queen of silk. Pure silk trousers are very suitable for summer, because this material has very good heat dissipating function and sweat absorbing function. Meanwhile, pure silk has a smooth surface so that makes little friction on the skin, in this way can it protect our skin. Although pure silk trousers are a little expensive, they are very upscale and durable. This kind of trousers is very suitable for mature women or middle aged woman.

The Colour of Wide Leg Trousers

In addition to length and materials, the choice of trousers’ colour is equally important for us. Different colour of wearings will show people’s moon, personality, career and ever hobbies. Blue silk trousers look simple and elegant, they are suitable for quiet girls and woman.Orange silk trousers kook more active active and energetic, this colour can use to match some cute clothes or other items. Yang girl will like to choose orange silk trousers when going picnic or travelling. Yellow silk trousers with light colour clothes are also good looks for women to show their outgoing personality. As for those like to be cool,they can choose grey silk trousers. In conclusion, making good use of the collocations and the choices of colour are also an important step to form your own style of clothing.